Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Forward

I'm happy to leave last week behind--what with the receptionist out all week sick with the flu and my filling in for her AND trying to do my own job, plus covering for the absent transcriptionist at my other job from home, it was a very long week.  Throw in a brush fire in the river bottom half a mile from our office causing smoke and ash to choke us for a couple of hours on Tuesday, plus a surprise visit from the DEA Drug Diversion officers on Wednesday, and it was quite a work week.  Obviously not a bit of sewing machine time was accomplished, I was just too tired.  The only fabric interaction involved cleaning up the cutting table a little Friday night.

Saturday morning brought some testing--of the optometrist kind, and picking out new eyeglass frames.  Afterwards I headed to a department store but was drawn instead into the Pier 1 store by the adorable awnings painted on the windows and all the cute Spring wares.  I was unable to resist these lambs and bought both, which I delivered to DD Elaine.  I might have to go back and get the bunny in the carrot car to go with the couple of items that I bought for myself:

This new bunch of striped carrots are a nice foil to the Spring mini quilt that Julie gave me and I love so much.  The crackled glass eggs in the wire bunny egg holder are favorites of many years.  I might get some Capiz eggs to fill it up when I go back to Pier 1.  Seems I've decided, haven't I!

This "moss" covered bunny floral pick was also irresistible. 

The footed glass punchbowl and cross-stitched tea towel are vintage pieces from my mother-in-law.

A bunch of twigs plus a set of LED lighted branches gain a little life from another bunny.  The houseplants give life too--however temporary--probably doomed to my yellow thumb.  It was nice to spend some time playing with pretty pieces and making little vignettes.  By later today I hope to have the Baby Boxes tablerunner gracing my coffee table to add to the Spring look.  Anybody else redecorating this week?  


Kate said...

Love all your spring goodies. Hope next week is calmer!

Finn said...

Your new spring additions are just adoreable! Love every one of them!! I might just have to give in and unpack my Easter stuff *VBS* Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs, Finn

Darlene said...

Adorable Easter decorations! Need to visit Pier 1 soon.

Wishing you a better week.

Marg said...

Nic spring decorations. No redecorating here, just concentrating on decluttering so that I can put the house on the market in the next few months.

Shay said...

I love what you've done with your house for Spring /Easter.

I really must think about decorating for the seasons here ...usually once something gets put in a spot it stays there forever and NEVER gets moved around.

Dawn said...

Very festive! Love what you did - I may try the twig look this season.
Thanks for the motivation!

quiltmom said...

I pulled out my spring things today too Annie- I like how you put out the bowl with the eggs- I thought it was time I took down the snowmen and the winter village.
Thanks for sharing your lovely decor.
Warmest regards,

Mary said...

Thanks for the inspiration for Easter decorations. I need to get busy and do some of my own!

Pokey said...

All so cute, I can see why you fell hard for the lambs and bunnies! The only decorating I've done is in the classroom....