Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday's Orts

Tuesday's Orts--bits and scraps of thoughts and happenings that land here semi-regularly.
  • Did I share the bad news that thieves brazenly stole our son's Toyota truck's catalytic converter a few weeks ago by cutting it from the exhaust line with a Sawsall before dawn while it was parked right in front of our house?  While that was tragic, it turned funny when I dumbly repeated that someone told me it had value because of the plutonium inside.  Uh, that should have been platinum, my husband correctedNo nuclear fission taking place here! 
  • In other bad news, my doctor boss at Job #2 has decided to end his solo practice, so we will all be out of a job at the end of June.  My friend Pat, the receptionist, has been answering patients who ask her what she is going to do next with,  "I'm going to find a husband."  A surprising strategy, but one that gets a laugh.
  • Traffic rant:  They have been digging up a busy street downtown for weeks months, replacing storm drains, closing off one of the two lanes. While driving with caution is good, I want to tell the driver at the front of the long single line of cars ahead of me, it is really not necessary to slow down to 5 mph while gawking at the heavy equipment. Pay attention!
  • My sister, the dog lover, remembered my dog's age as 12 when I told her it was his birthday.  She remarked about herself that it seems silly that she can't remember all her nieces and nephews' ages, but always knows how old the dog is.
  • Mini probably recently had a birthday too.  She is six.  I only know that because I ran across an old pocket calendar I'd saved and saw a notation of when I took her to the vet for her spaying. 

I'm not sure how she found this cement comfortable but stayed there an hour, where I could see her from my sewing machine.  Cats!


Julianne K said...

I'll bet your kitty stayed there cuz the concrete was nice and toasty!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

My grandson slows to a complete stand-still when he spies heavy equipment too; I suppose that driver is a little boy at heart.

Vivian said...

Pets sure do love that warmth and sunshine, whether a wooden deck or cement. Our grand-puppies do the same thing.
Are you going to jump back into the job market with both feet, looking for a second job? or ... you could always stay home and quilt.
Re: slowed down work zones, I detest those impatient drivers who are right on your tail, and you're driving the speed limit exactly as posted. Don't they read the warnings for mega fines?

Shay said...

So will you look for another job to replace Job Number 2 or will you gift yourself some more leisure time?

I'd say Mini was sucking up the warmth from the concrete .

So glad to hear you arent stashing plutonium at Casa De Orts!

Darlene said...

I always want to yell at the 'Looky Lous' "move along the people behind you want to see, too." LOL

I'm sorry you're losing your second job. :-(

Quilter Kathy said...

That is very brazen to steal a car part from a parked car in front of a house! Wow!
Hope you get a better job soon with more pay and less work...close to a quilt store!

Libby said...

Seriously - the catalytic converter. I dare not tell Hubby. He will just get that 'gloat-y faced look' and tell me that's why I can't store stuff in the garage as we MUST park there.

Judy D in WA said...

I love that you call it plutonium. I say Cadillac converter. :) Sorry this happened.
Your co worker is funny-way to look at the upside.
Heavy equipment slows traffic worse that a policeman sitting along the side of a freeway!
Mini is gorgeous.

Cynthia L. said...

First off, I don't think it was fun for your kitty to get fixed on her birthday! Not fun!

The traffic thing makes me crazy too! Especially when there is an accident.

So sorry about the stolen pultonium! Better keep a closer eye on that stuff!

Kate said...

It would be a lot of work to recover the platinum. Wonder if they are selling the converter itself as a "spare" part. Doesn't CA have pretty strict regulations about car exhausts? Still that's very sad.

I took defensive driving at work yesterday (it's required training) and the instructor was saying that "the Lookers" were respsonsible for a large number of the accidents at construction sites and accidents. Pay attention indeed.

Mini definitely looks comfy on that concrete. It's amazing where cats decide to cat nap sometimes.

Stephanie Davison said...

How appalling that something could be stolen out of a car parked right in front of your house! Sheesh!

Hmm--Doc didn't give you all much notice, did he? What now?