Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sorrows and Joys

The long week finally ended with a very long day on Friday.  I stayed home from work to be with Grant and drive him around.  Our first stop was the towing yard where we had to sign a release to have the car moved to our insurance company's preferred yard.  It was very sobering to see our Acura TL.

Thank goodness this well-made vehicle protected my precious DH!  The tow yard guy echoed our thoughts that this doesn't really look repairable and we might not want to drive it if repaired--it will never be the same.  We await the verdict from the insurance company, but the guy who took Grant's statement told him he probably should start looking for another car right away.  Meanwhile, Grant has a rental.

Following this sorrowful sight of the car we have only owned for six months, Grant had to be seen at the Workers' Comp clinic as arranged by the employer's insurance company.  We arrived shortly before noon and that was extremely poor timing on our part, as Grant did not get called back until the xray tech came back from lunch over an hour later.  They would not let me go back with him at that point so I sat another hour plus in the over-air conditioned room, until Grant texted me that he was done with xrays and was waiting for the doc before they could let me come in.  I left the clinic to grab a very late lunch at home and then returned.  The doc soon fetched me from the waiting room and let me know that there was "nothing bad" to report.  All told, Grant was there for five hours, and left with a bunch of "swag" including a cervical pillow, thumb splint, rib belt, ice pack, and medications.  Good thing we didn't have to pay for all of that!

Luckily our guests were able to delay their departure from town a bit so that we could say goodbye.

Here is darling Alica (pronounced Ah-Lisa) with her bow and arrow from Pixar's new Brave movie--which she got to see here in the U.S. for her 5th birthday in early July.  Earlier in the day she was wearing a red wig like the heroine, Merida, and admiring the curls coming down over her eyes.   

All energetic after her nap, Alica was ready to get on the road but consented to a photo in the car.  She blew lots of kisses from the window as they left our neighborhood, which I made sure to catch and return.  It was marvelous to have a charming 5 year old to be smitten with this past week, and wonderful to see our old friend Mike and his lovely wife Lara.  We were happy they felt comfortable in our home and were able to enjoy some family time before they returned to Arizona and then home again to Russia.  Safe trip, friends!

Some semblance of normalcy finally returned Saturday, though we did have an annual block party going on and then another overnight guest, as Erica's friend was in town to see her.  I did spend a bunch of time burying thread tails on the Caramel Blues I wanted to enter into the County Fair, but there was no way I could get the remaining quilting plus the binding done in time for the deadline today, so I switched to the mini quilt above.  I tied it with embroidery thread and bound it with the same fabric as the narrow border, finishing and heading out the door in the last hour they were accepting entries.  I entered four quilted projects in the Clothing and Textiles department and will be excited to see my quilts on display in early August.  


Samantha said...

So glad your hubby is alright! That looks really bad.

Love your mini quilt and the big smiles from your small guest! :D

carol fun said...

Oh I totally missed your post earlier this week - so glad your DH wasn't seriously injured - that is just too scary! Alcia is adorable. I saw Brave this weekend too -great flick.
Your little mini quilt is adorable -love the colors. Take care!

Quilter Kathy said...

So glad that you had a bit of quilting time, even with all the stress this week.

Darlene said...

Thank goodness, you sweet man was not seriously hurt. I hope the insurance company sees fit to simply total the car.

Your mini quilt is adorable.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Oh gosh, I missed your earlier post too~ not the phone call you like to receive. I was very lucky my DH was uninjured when I got that same call a few years ago~ it did total his truck though. Someone carelessly breezed through a stop sign. :-( Glad to see your DH is doing well. I think I would hope the insurance would total the car as it might never drive the same. Your little quilt is very cute! Hope this is a much better week!

Pokey said...

It is amazing that Grant walked away from that okay (minus the smaller injuries and the annoying day in the xray place). Hope everything works out without too much pain, I'm so sorry for you guys, and so glad you have each other!!
Your small quilted piece is really charming, hope it wins!

Lorraine said...

Oh Annie - I missed your previous post - sorry to read about hubby's accident - very lucky he wasn't hurt more seriously....shame about the car but cars can be replaced! good hubby's are harder to replace! Hope all the insurance / workers comp etc goes smoothly. Love your little quilt - you will be very proud to see it on display!

Janet O. said...

What a blessing that nothing more serious happened to DH. You have had a full week!
Too bad you couldn't get Caramel Blues finished, but good decision to switch projects. Our county fair won't accept tied quilts. I guess they would get way too many, so they limit it to machine and hand quilting. They still have so many entries that they overrun the Home Arts building and those of us who help hang the displays end up at our wits end trying to fit them all in somewhere.
Hope you will show us how your projects do!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I am so sorry to read about Grant's accident... SO thankful that he wasn't hurt any worse, the car looks just awful; there's much to be thankful for!

McIrish Annie said...

WOw! that car is definitely a total! Thank God for airbags.

your little guest is adorable. Arent they fun and exhausting??!! LOL

love your miniquilt. My DH was saying I should enter something in our local fair in August. hmmmm!

hope things get back to normal quickly.

Kate said...

Ouch! It's amazing how well cars are constructed these days, which one can only truely appreciate when it happens. Glad that Grant was mainly OK, though soft tissue injuries can take longer to heal than broken bones for some reason.

Glad you were able to say goodbye to your friends. Alica is a cutie.

Good luck with your entries for the fair.

Kathie said...

OH no I am so sorry to hear about the accident and I am so glad your Dh is are replaceable...
she is just adorable I bet you enjoyed her visit. I like the little quilt and they way your tying it
I have not tied a quilt I will have to give that a go someday

Sarah said...

Deadlines can be both our worst enemy and best friend. I'm glad you finished your other entries in time and I'm even happier that is "nothing bad" to report for hubby. Here's hoping for a quick recovery.

Lara Forbes said...

Hello, Annie! Thank you again for your hospitality and for your time and care, and for all the wonderful things you said about Alica! I have more photos to send you.
I love your blog, I am going to show it to my Mom too, to get her interested in quilting again!