Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I'm Working On Wednesday

I have been catching moments of stitching now and again.  Somehow even though I'm working at the office far fewer hours, I'm wasting more of my time when home.

Granted, some of the sewing has been a little fiddly, like the borders and smaller corner blocks on the Garden Pinwheels quilt.  Now contemplating choices for the appliqued vines and leaves, hoping to use something from the stash.   

The Giant Shoo Fly top is all together as well.  My faithful assistant Mini used her tail to hold down the edge of the quilt against the wind while I took this shot.  Thanks, Mini!

This quilt is a wedding gift; the engaged couple printed their own stamps from a photo for the invitation reply.  In the photo he is wearing a sombrero, serape and a fake mustache, and she is wearing skull makeup in the style of Dia de Los Muertes (Mexican Day of the Dead).  Inspired by that, I found this terrific fabric for the backing, with all the right colors, at my local fabric store--an Alexander Henry line called Foklorico; the print is Zocala. It was a bit pricey so I went home and tried finding it online for less.  I did locate a source with a price three dollars a yard cheaper, however it was out of stock until mid September.  Sigh.  So today I went back to the fabric store and paid $10.99 a yard. 

There was a bit of huffing and puffing in my dining room today.  I had to push back the table and chairs and clean the floor in order to lay out the Zig Zag 9 Patch.  There was a lot of bending but relatively little switcheroo involved, though I did have to dash to my sewing machine to make up one more partial block for the bottom edge.  This sideways photo required standing on the couch to try to get it all in!

12 rows all stacked and ready to stitch.  The goal for this UFO of the month is a completed top with borders.  Sounds doable in the next 15 days, doesn't it?


Quilter Kathy said...

Looks like you are making GREAT progress on all your projects this month!

loulee said...

15 days? Nnooooooooo problem. ;-)
I like the design. May have to make me one of those. I've not done anything truly scrappy for a while.

Kate said...

Wow, you have been busy. Love the zig zag 9 patch, great way to use up scraps.

I'm contemplating a one day sewing retreat to get myself back on track with my projects. Maybe you could fit one into your schedule?

Stephanie said...

I think it special to capture the personalities of the quilt recipients. It certainly looks as if you have. Terrific backing. What we won't do for a photo of a quilt. Tail holders, hubby holders, couch surfing.

Cynthia L. said...

I love the fabric you purchased for the backing. My daughter is very fond of Dia De Los Muertos also. I made her quilt for college out of some fabric with skulls. It is very bright and pretty. The young married couple will love the quilt and the thought you put behind it!

Nancy said...

I love that zig-zag with the 9 patches and must remember to shamelessly copy it. ;oD

Dawn said...

Fun projects. Love the nine patch layout.
Sometimes a little 'wasting' time at home is in order!
Thank you for sharing.

Candace said...

Wow - no wonder you're being so productive with a helper like Mini! I can tell you a lot about those wasted hours at home! It happened to me one time when I took a year off. I had to go back to work just to get anything done - lol! All three quilts are stunning, Annie!