Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Continuing Story

Part of the Thanksgiving prep meant my sewing area had to be cleared, since it is adjacent to the kitchen and we move some living room furniture into it to make a sitting spot--after all, everyone always wants to be in the kitchen to visit with the cooks :)

 It took several hours for me to fold up and store all the piled up fabric, scraps, tools, project bins...

...throw out the trash and try to make the room look like a workspace and not a looted shop.  Unfortunately, it is still crowded and too much is out in the open, but I'm hoping to remedy that soon.

Having a clean worktable for the first time in months allowed me to cut all the sashing sections for this month's UFO, a Christmas swap block project, lay it out and pile it up for piecing.  I also did get the backings and batting done for the Christmas tablerunners.  Two of them were completely finished and taken to the shoppe for sale but I neglected to get photos.  Two others were sold on Thanksgiving, as my dad coveted one and my sister in law the other.  Nice doing business with them :)

 I added the additional background strips to make the on point blocks float.  Sorry for the blurry shot.

 Bringing the backing to the front for a finished look without adding separate binding did save time and turned out pretty well on the two completed runners.  The above runner will get the same treatment.

Mr. Snowman is coming along--I'll add his eyes when all the poky needle stuff is over.

In another continuing story, my 93 year old mother in law is doing excellently since her mastectomy surgery and today got her staples out.  She has had no pain nor any complications other than a pulled drain which necessitates needle extraction of excess fluid at the doctor's office, and is feeling her usual self.  I, on the other hand, am still coughing and blowing my nose over a week into this cold.  Ready for that to be over, I tellya! 


Barb said...

Wow...that is awesome about your mother in law!!

Enjoy the cleared table if you are like me, it won't be that way long.

Vivian said...

Sorry to hear that your cold/cough is lingering, but glad to read about your MIL's continued progress.

I'm sold on the quick "back to the front" method of binding simple things like placemats and table runners. You're getting a lot done!
Moving the quilting stuff for company is a pain, but that cleared table is exhilarating, isn't it? And no matter how good our intentions are, it'll get filled again in no time.

Janet O. said...

Sometimes we need situations that force us to address or work space, don't we? Someone said they wanted to come see where I sew and it really made me think about my arrangement.
Little stitched ornament is very cute.
Your MIL must be one feisty lady to recuperate from surgery so well at that age!
Hope your health improves pronto!

Stephanie said...

I could use a good clean out of the work space! Terrific news about your mother in law. Honestly, when you make it to your 80s and 90s you shouldn't have to deal with such stuff. As my 93 year old dad would say it's the hazards of longevity!

Quilter Kathy said...

Great news about your MIL!
You need to sit under quilts and drink hot tea and do some relaxing stitching to get rid of that cold!!

Shay said...

I hear you sister. I am so thankful my sewing space is a room I can just shut the door on.

It usually looks like a bomb went off in there !

Shay said...

I hear you sister. I am so thankful my sewing space is a room I can just shut the door on.

It usually looks like a bomb went off in there !

Nanette Merrill said...

I love seeing your christmas projects. Makes me want to sew!