Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmasy Stuff

 This tablerunner my Dad claimed in an unfinished sandwiched state on Thanksgiving Day.  I finally got it quilted and bound.  It's on it's way, Dad!

 A little holly leaf in the center of the Friendship Stars and Xs in the border squares did the trick for quilting. It is a busy tablerunner but I like it a lot.

 My sister in law Mariana claimed this tablerunner.  I liked the holly leaf idea so used it again. 

The loopy quilting is much more visible from the back, although the color is way off in the photo--it is actually a very deep red/burgundy color.  It needs to be mailed off today but luckily doesn't go too far.

Christmas decorating is finally finished.  The tablecloth was an after-Christmas sale purchase from Target last year.  I kind of went for a red, white, and green theme.  But come to think of it, I do that every year :)

This tablerunner was my first attempt at applique.  I didn't know anything about applique when I made it so the complexity of the job didn't really frighten me.  Sometimes it is better not to know, right?  Pattern from American Patchwork & Quilting, probably from about 2000, available on the APQ shop HERE.

 Vintage beaded satin balls made by my husband's grandmother, Rose, many decades ago.

And then there is Rudolph the One-Eyed Reindeer, hanging on the tree.  I'm sure he used to have two eyes when he was brought home from school many years ago by daughter Erica.  I made the cross-stitched ornament for son Nick from some vintage Santa fabric a beloved neighbor gave me.  Wish I had yards of it left but only carefully hoarded scraps remain. Now to move on to the other Christmas tasks of gift buying and wrapping, cards, and visitors.  Better make sure cleaning up Erica's room is on the top of the list since she comes home next week! 


Stephanie said...

Lucky table runner recipients! I love how you used the table runner as a wall hanging. That is pretty professional looking applique for a first!!

Janet O. said...

Lovely runners, Annie. I have a couple of Christmas ones I was going to get quilted this year (and I wanted to do that same holly design on one of them). Unfortunately, it didn't happen.
I love the "family heirloom" ornaments. Those are the ones that hold the memories!

Lorraine said...

Thanks for sharing your those vintage beaded baubles....the table runners are great and I love the quilting you did on them...looks like you are all ready for visitors and for Santa! Happy days!

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Your applique looked great for a first timer. All the table runners are nice and fun quilting too!

Lots of memories each year when we decorate, right? It is fun thinking of how our children have changed (and us too!).

Thanks for sharing your decorating - it is always fun to see how others celebrate this time of year.


Quilter Kathy said...

Fabulous projects the holly quilting!

quiltmom said...

Love your tablerunners Annie- I have made those same Reindeer with my kindergarten kids- it is a good idea- perhaps we will get some made this next week before Christmas break...
I love poinsettias - they were my wedding flowers - you did a terrific job on your runners.
Enjoy your time with your family over the Christmas season.

Marg said...

Love all your table runners Annie, they all look fabulous. I especially like the one you have hung on your wall. That looks wonderful and in no way does it look like a first attempt at appliqué.

Kate said...

The table runners turned out beautifully. The holly leaf looks really great.

Love your special ornaments, especially the one eyed Rudolph. Drama Teen doesn't get why I have to hang up those school project ornaments, she assures me they should stay wrapped in tissue.