Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas Post

So, I trust everyone is coming down slowly from the hustle, bustle, cheer, joy, family and feast that is so much a part of this season.  We had a lovely Christmas--breakfast in the morning with Nick and Erica, then the marrieds came over, Elaine and Chris, and there were gifts opened with the Lakers game on TV in the background, muted, with our favorite Christmas audiotape playing.  Everyone liked their gifts (and the Lakers won!) and we cleaned up and made our way to my parents' house to add to the horde of diners there, totaling 24 for dinner.  Boy, it was delicious, it was loud, there was laughter, there were toasts, plenty of desserts---and lots of dishes.  I was proud of our girls for getting in there and starting the first shift of cleanup duty.  We went home tired and happy.

Having received another die for my Accuquilt GO cutter from the kids, I set off this afternoon for Joann's fabric to buy a cutting mat for it. Afterwards I decided to take the long way home--the very long way--by way of the beach.  It was a beautiful blustery day as I crossed the coastal plain, heading towards the ocean.

The hills are finally getting green since we have gotten several inches of rain since October.  The strawberry farmers should be happy too.

After parking and crossing over the freeway by way of the pedestrian bridge, I made my way across the coast road towards the pier.  About that time I got a phone call from DH Grant, asking where I was.  When I told him the pier, he said, "I thought that was you!"  He said he had just happened to be driving along the coast road to get on the freeway and caught sight of me, in an unusual coincidence.  I invited him to walk on the pier and he agreed.

Windy and cold on the pier but there were still a number of folks enjoying the sunset.

 Birds were running in the surf in a line....

 And surfers were lining up in the water to catch a wave.

 Being so close to the solstice, moonrise and sunset were only about an hour apart. 

So we got to see both at once.  Great way to end the day, walking with my beloved on the pier.


Sarah said...

So where abouts do you live Annie, in Southern California? I live in South Australia, and I believe we have quite similar climates and geography. We have coastal plains, hills behind, and beautiful white sandy beaches too. I think we get about 15 inches of rain. Imagine the coincidence of your husband seeing you crossing the freeway! Amazing!

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures. What different winters we have. I would like to try one of yours once to see how I like it. ;)
Sounds like a great way to wind down from the hustle and bustle of Christmas.


Denise :) said...

What a happy coincidence that y'all could watch the sunset/moonrise on the pier together!! Glad to hear the strawberry crops are greening up! and it sounds like y'all enjoyed a very sweet Christmas, too! :)

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Aaahhh, what a wonderful ending to an already wonderful day! I feel so happy and relaxed!

Thanks for including me!

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing your beautifol images from the beach. It has been cold and cloudy where we are.

Tanya said...

How romantic! Beautiful pictures.

Pokey said...

Oh, that was wonderful timing, Annie! What better way to spend your down time, than a spontaneous meeting with your honey. That was a gift in itself! makes me smile ~

Shay said...

That sounds like a very fortunate coincidence that ended in a lovely walk for you and Grant and beautiful pictures for the rest of us !

Lorraine said...

sounds like the long way home was worth it! This past week I have been going to do a "post Christmas" blog post every day.....finally got around to it tonight! Your Christmas Day sounded very festive!!