Sunday, January 20, 2013


Forward is a destination I'm aiming for this year, in more ways than one.  In that vein, several quilt projects in play are getting due attention in rounds:

On the Getting it Done challenge, the four items of the month were:
1.  Finish Chevron tablerunner.  Not yet completely done, but well on its way.  Today I pieced batting and got the backing cut, sandwiched and pin basted, and quilted in the cream chevrons.  I consulted with the recipient (DD Elaine) a few days ago for a quilting plan and we both decided to keep the colored chevrons unquilted.  I will attempt stippling in the red border with cream thread as she requested, but may not like it very much--we shall see if it stays or if I go buy red thread!

2.  Make heart block tablerunners for shoppe.  Done.  I opted for mug mats instead and have a small pile for sale at the Shoppe; however, none have yet sold.  January is a very slow month for sales everywhere, though, so I'm not particularly concerned.

3.  Trace at least 4 designs for Greenpiece BOM applique and cut out of wool.  Not done.  Tracing is on the agenda for tonight.

4.  Do unsewing on Judy's Mystery quilt backing and repair to correct length.  Not done.  The project did get pulled out of the closet and given a once over review.  I sure wish I had made notes for myself as to the repair process!  As I recall, the backing is about a foot short, which will make for some unattractive repairs since it is a pieced border with cornerstones, but hey, this quilt is for ME, who can overlook those things!

So one item is complete, one is 2/3 complete, two others incomplete, and it is 11 days from the end of the month.  Doing okay so far but need to step it up this week to make the deadline for this challenge.

Other progress was made on the Picnic quilt.  The remaining block pieces had been cut and stacked to the side of my sewing machine at least six weeks ago.  As of this post, only nine more blocks are waiting to be sewn.

Since this photo double the number are now complete.  Next will come layout and stitcheroo, yay!

Binding had been attached to the mini Kitchen Sink quilt but I forgot to add triangle corners for hanging, so that was done today as well.

All ready to stitch down the binding, then I can call it a finish.  I bought a small package of the Clover binding clips and do like them.  Maybe I should call this "Toy Sink" or "Bar Sink" for its mini status :).  Any votes?

Task List making on a daily basis is a habit I need to return to--it really helps me with that forward motion.


Darlene said...

My goodness, Annie, you've been a busy girl. So much eye candy - wowzer!!!!

I vote for 'Toy Sink". :-)

Barb said...

You have quite the list and I do loe what is on your the clover clips

Janet O. said...

You are amazing, Annie! Can't believe all you get done.

Kate said...

You have done really well at staying on task. Good luck with finishing up your list

Quilter Kathy said...

I like bar sink!
Great progress!

pcflamingo said...

Love your fabrics for the Picnic quilt. That one's on my bucket list and I only have to narrow down my fabric choices from a dozen or so fabric lines.....

McIrish Annie said...

I have started to make a "to do" list as soon as i enter my sewing room. Keeps me from getting sidetracked by the other pretty things in the room! LOL.

push ahead you can do it!

Marg said...

A to do list is a good idea, I should make one, but I'm hopeless at making them or following them!!!
The chevron quilt piecing is so precise, it looks great.

Patrica said...

Love the picnic blocks that is going to be really nice with so many interesting fabrics. Now you've given me another quilt to add to my someday list. I'm going to have to stop looking and start doing a little more if I ever want to get any of them done.