Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday's Orts--Jan 8, 2013

Orts--bits and scraps of thoughts and events of my week that land here semi-regularly.
  • I've had a crock pot for ten years and only used it about three times all those years.  Now I've used it twice in two weeks.  Tonight we had chicken tortilla soup. Yummm.  Except the title of the recipe was misleading since there were no tortillas in it; we ate them on the side.
  • Putting away all the Christmas decorations takes way longer than you think it will and there are always a few stragglers that get left out.  I found two today.
  • On New Year's Eve Grant and I went to see a movie that I highly recommend.  "Argo" is a story about six Americans who escaped from the American Embassy in 1979 when the Iranians took it over and held so many others hostage. They were protected by the Canadian Ambassadors who took them into their homes.  "Argo" is the scheme used to by the CIA agent played by Ben Affleck (who also directed) to try to get them out of Iran.  Amazing true story that no one knew anything about for many years.  And very entertaining!  There's a bit of cussing and some disturbing images.
  • Traffic rant:  Drivers who speed up when you are trying to merge onto the freeway, assuming WRONGLY that they have the right of way.  Nope! 
  • Who thought this was a good idea?

Spotted on the Christmas clearance aisle at Big Lots.  Can you imagine what it looks like when open?  Sadly, it was the only one on the shelf.  Which means that all the others must have sold. Eesh.


Darlene said...

Santa's Outhouse - seriously! Ick!!!!!!

I found some Christmas decor stragglers, as well. LOL

OMG, don't get me started on freeway drivers. sigh!

"Argo" sounds like a great movie.

Darlene said...

Oh, I forgot my suggestion for tortillas in your tortilla soup. I like to slice corn tortillas into strips and fry them in a little oil. Then we use them to top soup. YUM!

Lee said...

Lol, well, I guess Santa must need to go now & then too, but then, I think that ranks right up there with the singing trout on the wall.
Have a happy day :)
Did you know they make liners for your crockpot! You can find them near plastic wrap, etc. I haven't tried them but bought some today - for those really messy crockpot dishes. Once every 3 years or so ;p

Sherrill said...

I don't use my crockpot a lot--mostly when making something to take to the Ronald McDonald House for our once a month dinner (& I do use the liners; they're awesome). I saw Argo and really liked it but also really liked The Hobbit and Jack Reacher..ACTION PACKED!!

I thought the cars on the freeway did have the right of way and mergers had to yield. Huh! But most mergers always act like they have the right of way and just barrel on in even if you have to slam on the brakes going 60 or 70.

Kathie said...

had to smile I am starting to use the crock pot more now
actually looking for crock pot cookbooks!
santa's outhouse I don't even want to know!

Barb said...

I love my crockpot...it is wonderful...

I will have to see that movie, thanks!

Judy D in WA said...

I love my crockpot and use it quite often.
Christmas decorations hide. They do not want to go back into the dark. :)
Tuesday's Orts always make me smile.

Marg said...

i used to have a crockpot years ago but gave it away as i never used it. Two years ago i had to buy a slow cooker as i wanted to start making slow cook recipes over winter. I've used it many times since.

Shay said...

Argo is one on my list..Mr. P suggested we see it last weekend but we got busy with other stuff.

That outhouse is just plain wrong.

Libby said...

I so identify with your traffic rants - we must encounter the same drivers on a regular basis.
I am using my crock pot a lot these days. I have learned that I need a bigger one. Time to shop *s*

Michele said...

That is one strange Christmas decoration! LOL!!

Quilter Kathy said...

I love my crock pot and use it regularly throughout the winter.
The big question in everyone's mind is...did you snap up the last of Santa's outhouses to gift to an unsuspecting soul next Christmas?!?! LOL

Lorraine said...

LOL the outhouse is just wrong isn't it! I always find a few decorations that have escaped being put away for a year.....I have all the decorations boxed up in the spare room....they might even make it out to the garage at some stage during the year. No hurry LOL

quiltmom said...

That outhouse is too funny- imagine having that to light up your home LOL My niece gave my dad the singing trout one year- it was pretty bad - you never know what crazy thing people will think is a good idea---
I hate driving the ring road/ freeway- the drivers are always crazy there..