Saturday, March 16, 2013

National Quilting Day

Now that I'm a full-time working woman again, weekends will be more precious than ever.  Today being National Quilting Day, I wanted to get some piecing time in. Previously I showed the parts to a pieced border for the Greenpiece BOM which I was using as a leader-ender project.  The final component of the parts was a 2.5 inch square.  I wanted to try my GO! cutter to make them but hadn't taken the time until this morning.
The instructions called for four 2.5" width of fabric strips to make the 56 squares required for the borders.  I sliced the kit-provided fabric into two sections wide enough to cover the die, which cuts three 2.5" strips at a time, stacking the sections for four layers.  This worked perfectly.  I then cut four of the strips into 8 inch sections and carefully laid them crosswise on the die squarely, ran it through the press and had oodles of 2.5" squares in no time flat, along with two extra 2.5 strips I can put into my precut scrap drawer, or use for part of the binding later. 

The 2.5" square is just folded in this photo, but I've since stitched a lot of them in place.  The instructions call for leaving two layers in the corners, but I may deviate from that and just leave the burgundy triangle.  I've been working on the wool applique blocks for this BOM and in fact may just settle in this afternoon to more stitching.  It is a very gray, overcast day and not inspiring me to much more activity!

P.S.  Apparently some readers got spammed by a comment left on my blog that the spam filter did not catch.  My apologies if you were struck!  I've removed the comment but am not sure what else to do about it.  Anyone have ideas?


Janet O. said...

I'm loving the fabrics in that kit. Sounds like your cutter did a very slick job!
I didn't get hit by the spam.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I've been spam free,no worries; love those blocks! Aren't these die-cutters making our lives SEW much easier?

Kate said...

I missed the spam too. Looks like you are making great progress on that project. Love those colors.

Shay said...

I didnt get spammed either .

Love the three colour HST- very chic!

Stephanie said...

The go cutter was such a frenzy a couple of years ago and I don't hear much of it these days. Glad it's still working for you. :o) I love HSTs.