Monday, June 3, 2013

Design Wall Monday--June 3, 2013

I did finally get the borders for the Greenpiece quilt stitched together, the pieces and parts which I showed last week.  I seem to be continually distracted from any worthwhile chunks of stitching time.  It really should not have taken so long!  

The color is way off in this photo, but there was a minimum of unsewing and resewing points and for that I'm thankful!  Not that there is a quilt top to stitch these to, as yet.  There are a dozen more wool applique blocks and the medallion center to piece and applique as well.  My projected finish date has changed so many times I cannot even recall it!  But sometime this year I hope this 2009 BOM is on the completed list.  I did pull out a bunch of the partially completed wool applique blocks and did some unstitching of one appliqued leaf after checking a placement photo, but really had no desire to embroider.  So I rummaged through my project bins looking for something to PIECE. 

I remembered this partially finished tablerunner as being in three sections, however when I opened the bin, the center had already been completed. There was even a washed and ironed cream chunk waiting to turn into the borders and triangle ends, so I got busy with that.  These great Frolic prints from Sandy Gervais I won on her blog several years ago and they actually came in  a "Turnover" triangle pack.  I'm not sure they still make that precut.  I cut the Turnover triangles in half to use in this pattern, which is designer Heather Mulder Peterson's Party Time tablerunner from her pattern book, On the Run.  I omitted the appliques, though. This is the second time I've made this tablerunner; my mom got the first one (below) for Mother's Day last year.   

Fabric is Boutique, by Chez Moi
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Janet O. said...

That is quite the border you have put together there, Annie. Can't wait to see to what it gets attached.

Pretty little runner--I love Sandy's prints. : )

Shay said...

Love the table runner Annie. Sometimes you just need something quick and easy to do so you can find your mojo.

Working full time sure puts a crimp in sewing time for sure !

Lorraine said...

Love the table runner and you can't beat a striped binding to add something extra to a project. Nice to have something ready to go for those times you need a break from your current project(s) :)

Jenny Watson said...

These are looking fantastic thanks for the sharing and just keep up the good work.

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Kate said...

Beautiful border strips, the final quilt will be quite nice when you get to that point. Pretty table runner too. Glad to see you are getting some stitching done in spite of the new job.