Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday's Orts on Wednesday

Bad blogger!  Sorry so long between posts, but I hope you enjoy these.  Orts--bits and scraps of thoughts and events that land here semi-regularly. 
  • Daughter Erica was here for a week from Arizona, had a job interview, and got the job.  As she was running up the stairs again after forgetting something, I mentioned how handy teleportation would be to avoid the climb.  She agreed, wishing there was such a thing because then she also wouldn't have to deal with moving back home for the new job (with her two cats!)
  • A co-worker who is pregnant was sitting at the break room table, leaning forward working on some papers, when suddenly she groaned and had to sit back, clutching her ribs where a well-aimed kick was paining her.  She tried to lean forward again with the same result.  "Nope", she said as she sat back again, "She's hungry and wants to eat".  We chatted about baby weight gain and then I quoted her my favorite line in a Dave Barry book about pregnancy and eating for two.  He wrote, "Some women act like the other person they are eating for is Orson Welles".  She laughed, but the two early-20-somethings at the table had no clue who that was.
  • Some of you may recall Bear, my dad's small blue companion.  I received a text from my mom last weekend wherein she told my dad she needed Bear's help, but Dad replied that Bear couldn't help her right then because he had a migraine.  Daughter Elaine's comment:  Bear needs some Excedrin.  Oh, brother!
  •  Our aging backyard fence has so far kept out dogs from neighboring yards, but we did have something that got through: 

Pretty healthy looking nectarine, wouldn't you say?

  • Remember the gate I spied on my morning constitutional, the one with the rubber duckies?  Well, now it has red potatoes on the spikes.
 I'm betting this will be a rather temporary effort!


Mary said...

I love the red potatoes. Congrats on your daughter's new job.

Quilter Kathy said...

Fun photos and stories in the Orts today :)

Shay said...

Oh I do hope that the Excedrin works for Bear. Migraines are no joke apparently!

That stair person has a sense of humour dont they?

Terry said...

I love the tree growing through the fence! :0)

Kate said...

Congrats to Erica, that has to be one more worry off your mind.

Poor bear. Hope he's feeling better.

Libby said...

And what's become of Dave Barry? Used to love reading his column in our Sunday paper.

McIrish Annie said...

The only thing that comes through my fence from my neighbor's yard is WEEDS and lots of them.

Vivian said...

Curious to see the next topping on that gate. Rubber duckies--> potatoes--> ?? Nothing logical there. Keep us posted.
Lucky you, with a nectarine coming through the fence. Our new next-door neighbors put up a similar fence last month. All that's come through it so far is the barking of 3 dogs.
Way to go, Erica!

Nancy said...

I love those red steps with green wall, Annie. Your bricks quilt looks great. It's always fun to play with the layout, don't you think?