Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday's Orts

The Orts--bits and scraps of thoughts and events that land here semi-regularly...
  • You know it is time to schedule an eye exam when you have to start using a rubber band around your glasses case to hold it closed.
  • A nearby deli I frequent for lunch asks for a name when you order, and to keep it simple I usually just say "Ann".  The clerk was embarrassed she didn't remember my name one day and I told her it was too plain and I maybe I should make it "Angelique" or something else unusual.  But I'd be afraid I would forget what it was and not hear my order being called!
  • Basketball is my favorite sport to watch on TV.  One of the nicest things about it is the lack of spitting. Have you watched spitbaseball lately? It can't possibly be necessary to spit that often.
  • Traffic rant:  Of the pedestrian kind.  I resent having to move out of the way of bicyclists riding on the sidewalk instead of in the street's marked bike lane which is only eight feet away. Especially when they are riding on the wrong side of the street. Grr.
  • A rare fish was captured on my camera  last week.  I've been waiting for it to reappear since first catching a glimpse a month or two ago. 
This Land Shark cruises the city streets with the guide on a microphone describing the landmarks.  The riders sometimes seem a bit embarrassed by their bus but obviously they got on it themselves!


Janet O. said...

Loved your comments about baseball. Whoever first taught the male gender that spitting was a necessary part of life? How do women survive without it if that is so? : )
Have you seen the Boston Duck Tour busses? They are very conspicuous, but they go from land to sea. DH actually rode in one. He was on a business trip without me. : )

Quilter Kathy said...

I laughed about your baseball comment! I have often said those players must have a medical problem with so much saliva production!

Just Ducky said...

I love your orts and look forward to each addition.

Sherrill said...

Hockey players spit a lot, too--gross! I love those duck/shark tours. It's so fun driving into whatever body of water is nearby.

Libby said...

I came up with the name 'Libby' as my fake Starbucks name. It then morphed into my 'nom d' plume' when I started blogging. These days I use my real name at Starbucks *lol*

On bicycles on the sidewalk *UGH* I have taken to stating firmly 'NO BIKES' as they ride by me. I don't think it does any good. And luckily I have not been challenged by any of the scofflaws.
My argument will be: They are in the wrong. I was really commanding Larkin to not lunge at the bike . . . that one is weak, but should get me off the hook should I encounter a sidewalk rage situation.

Shay said...

Mr P (whose name is actually Michael as you know ) often uses the name Mario when ordering coffee because invariably there will be more than one Michael waiting for their order. I think you should start using the name Angelique...its pretty cool.

Vivian said...

One restaurant I go to now and then asks for a name. I don't like to spell "Vivian" (which the young folks at the counter can NEVER spell), so I just say my name is Amy. Simple. Recognizable.

There's another part of televised baseball that bothers me as much or more than the spitting-->the scratching and re-adjusting. Do they think they're invisible?? In what place in society is that acceptable and proper? Nowhere, to this old woman's way of thinking.

Sarah said...

Oh I detest spitting! It's disgusting. Good thing I don't have to watch baseball. Aussie rules football is bad enough. Do baseball players still chew tobacco? When ordering takeaway over the phone I often use my husbands name Leigh. It's easier for them to hear and they never ask how to spell it although they often get it wrong, Lee.

Kate said...

If I have to give a name, I use My Guy's nickname, it's easy to spell and unusual, unlike my name.

I really wish that any buyer of a bicycle had to take and pass a test at the place of purchase as to what the laws are regarding riding (including the parents when they get them for their kids). It would save a lot of bad blood from both motorists and pedestrians.