Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tuesday's Orts

Tuesday's Orts--bits and scraps of thoughts and events that land here semi-regularly.
  • The past two work weeks have been pretty brutal--one of our team was out for two weeks' vacation and by last Thursday and Friday I had spent my entire 8 hour shift each day working on STAT charts.  Now that she's back, it's gone down to 2/3 of the day on STATS.  I'm aiming for 1/3 by next week!
  • Auto correct is a useful feature, however has its flaws that can amuse.  For instance, whenever I misspell "motion", IEspell gives the suggestion "Motown".  Makes me want to break out in song--Temptations, anyone?
  • The increased summer traffic is affecting my commute by at least half an hour every day, but since someone else is usually doing the driving as I take the bus, it isn't too painful.  It's also easier to stitch when the bus is going slow.
  • DD Erica is moving back home soon.  Thankfully we have one last Saturday to get her room cleaned out, as she extended her stay in AZ by a couple of days at the request of her host family--my brother and his wife and kids.  They have all grown very attached to each other.
  • I have so enjoyed watching all the flora, fauna, and folks on my walks around Santa Barbara these last four months.  There are so many neighborhoods with charming abodes.  This is one of my favorites:
 This "storybook" cottage catches my eye every time I see it.  Isn't it adorable?


Vivian said...

We're from the same world--days filled with constant STAT dictations would play a terrible game with my head and stomach. Hopefully all settles down and slows down as the days go on.
That little house looks idyllic. No wonder it catches your eye.

Kate said...

I have problems with the spell checker at work, but usually only with technical terms. That is a cute little house, I love the red roof.

Darlene said...

You mentioned Motown and I thought Supremes. LOL But those Tempations were good, too. :-) Oh those memories!

I love that little cottage, too.

Oh auto-correct was my nemesis a few years ago. Our CEO's name was Erickson - think about it. We had to be so careful. LOL

Quilter Kathy said...

I love the autospell on my phone....every time I type 'sew', it comes up 'sex'. Makes for interesting conversations with quilting friends!! LOL

Shay said...

I hate autocorrect on my Ipad and Phone but it seriously is my saviour at work. I type (badly) far faster than I can spell so it gets quite a work out.

Love that story book cottage. Down under we dont have many weather board houses where I live and one of my favourite houses looks like a huge American plantation house. So different to my cream brock abode.

Michele said...

Autocorrect can be crazy! It once changed something I typed....I wish I remember what it "Hootenanny"! LOL! I assure you that wasn't what I intended LOL!