Monday, August 12, 2013

International Quilt Festival 2013-- Finale

And now for some of my absolute favorites from the show.  All photos taken at the International Quilt Festival 2013 in Long Beach. 

This very large quilt was hard to get a good photo of, and I can see that it is a little blurry, darnit!  But it was totally unique and wonderful.

The quilt artist did a great job of getting the hands right--good perspective and accurate anatomy.  There was a lot going on in the quilt and I could have gazed at it for a good half hour.  But there were other quilts to see!

 Artist credit.

Another of my favorites.  The colorway was so pleasing and the gradations of color sooo good.  Loved it!

 Closeup to show those pretty prints.

 Artist credit.
 This quilt was unlike any other I saw in the show.  Such a cute doggie and terrifically done.

 There are a lot of pieces to his sweet face.

Artist credit.

My favorite pictorial quilt.  I could just feel that wind rising as the storm clouds rolled in. 

 This was not a large quilt and the grassy stems were probably all 1/2" wide or smaller.

 Artist credit.  SOLD!  No need to wonder why!

 This equally lovely bird was a close second to the quilt above.  The 3D effect was marvelous.

 Lots of thread painting on top of photo transfer.  What a pretty bird.

 Artist credit.

I think this quilt won my heart for so many reasons--all the colors and prints, the jazzy diagonal layout, and of course the use of my favorite color of green throughout.  Loved it!

Closeup of some of the many flower prints this quilt contained.  I'm not sure how it was quilted because it doesn't show up in my photos.

Artist credit.

Another large quilt that had so much going for it as far as originality, choice of colors, imaginative layout, and sheer exuberance of theme.

 Each tree had a different set of leaves.  Sorry for the blurriness of the photo!

This orange one was my favorite.

Artist credit.

I hope you enjoyed some of the show!  I'm sorry it is moving to Portland but glad to have had the opportunity the last several years to see this kind of amazing workmanship and level of imagination and inspiration.  Don't miss the chance if you have a quilt show nearby--go and see quilts in person!


loulee said...

Amazing, thanks for sharing.

Lorraine said...

wow...thanks for sharing - love the dog quilt...and I agree the windswept quilt is just beautiful! have been catching up on blog posts after being out of action for a few days last week!

Shay said...

Some absolute works of art in there Annie.

I adore those flowers waving in the wind, and the New York Beauty quilt is stunning!

Sherrill said...

They are ALL beautiful but that little doggy's face--PRECIOUS! How could she sell that I'll never know. Every time I've gone to Houston (nearly every year of the last 15-20) I wonder why I bother quilting at all as the fabulous works of art are beyond anything I'll ever be able to accomplish!

Vivian said...

Wonderful quilts, every one. Looking at them from the viewpoint of time involved in each--there are a lot of hours spent creating each one. Especially love the autumn trees and the windblown grasses. Thanks for sharing, Annie.

Sarah said...

Amazing! I adore the poppies in the wind. I agree you can feel the breeze in them, but my favourite is the autumn trees. I just love autumn leaves. I think I should visit New England too!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Two of my favorite things in this wonderful post are - (1) the bottom left corner of the first photo shows the quilter holding her pencil in her LEFT hand - ;)) - and (2) that you took photos of the artist's title/comment card in order to give the artist/quilter proper credit. More blogs should do that - ;))

Kate said...

Wow! Those are amazing quilts! Thanks for sharing.