Sunday, August 11, 2013

International Quilt Festival 2013--continued

I have some more gorgeous works of quilters to share.  Hope you won't mind indulging me!  All photos were taken at the International Quilt Festival Long Beach 2013. 

 Incredible large hand appliqued and quilted quilt that must have taken hundreds of hours, if not thousands!

 Amazing and incredible detail everywhere. 

 The artists' comments are so fascinating at times!  What a way to start a challenge.

 Yet another large hand quilted and appliqued quilt with exquisite workmanship, along with some machine piecing. 

 Aren't the colors fun? 

 It wasn't until I got very close up that I realized the background fabric is a multicolored dot print.  Love it.

Artist credit. 

 This darling quilt was of a quilt show surrounding a quilt shop.  All the miniature quilts were amazing.

 Those Sunbonnet Sues were no more than a couple of inches tall.  The clothesline pole was about 1/4" wide and look at the tiny birdhouse on the top!  Astounding detail.

 The yo-yos were about 1/2 in diameter at the most.  See the bunny, too?

 This photo is just about life-sized.  I put my fingers in the shot so you can tell how tiny those hexies are.
 Artist credit.

 Detail first on this set of photos--I just loved the big-stitch quilting on these Kaleidoscope blocks all in solids.

 Artist credit.

Ta-da!  She sure did create an explosion of color on this very large quilt.  It was definitely one of my favorites at the show.  I have a few more to share in another post, with more favorites!


Janet O. said...

These are all stunning and several are jaw-dropping.
I must admit that the minis in the "Quilt Show" quilt really captured my attention. : )

loulee said...

Thanks again for sharing.
There are some amazingly talented people out there. Beautiful quilts. Love the Dresden one especially.

Shay said...

That yoyo quilt on the washing line is so cute ! In fact that whole quilt is breathtakingly sweet.

Some people are just so talented. Imagine starting a quilt in colours you didnt really fancy and ending up with something that looked like that. Amazing.

Kate said...

I'm in awe of the talent that exists in the quilting community. Those quilts are just gorgeous.