Sunday, October 13, 2013

October Happenings

Although I haven't been posting, life has been busy around here these first two weeks of October!  First weekend in October there was a family wedding.  Set in beautiful Chase Palm Park on the beach in Santa Barbara, it featured my eldest nephew Matt and his lovely bride Carlie.  The weather cooperated by ceasing the hot and wild winds that had been happening for days. It was a warm and very beautiful evening!

Carlie's brother walked her down the aisle.  Isn't her lace dress gorgeous?

The short ceremony ended with a lovely kiss.  I sent this shot to my nephew the next day :)

Carlie thanking her new husband before their first dance, as his proud mom looks on.  Carlie's dress was just as pretty from the back, laced up with ribbons. 

 The party started soon after.  Son Nick and daughter Erica enjoyed themselves. 

Daughter Elaine--with our "half-baked" grandson providing a perch--practicing on Baby Chloe.The little furry dress cracked me up. 

Happy day for the groom's father, my brother Kevin.

My dad also had a good time--seen here with another of his grandsons, Christian, age 17.  We were lucky to have nearly the whole family there, missing only my sister's daughter Caitlin, who was unable to come from Missouri due to her work schedule.

Lights and candles were lit at sunset, adding to the mood.

 Last rides on the carousel--Elaine and husband Chris took a spin.

The carousel was so pretty at night!   It was a lovely venue and a fun party to start off Matt and Carlie's wedded life. This being a public park, there were other visitors to the area who stopped by and peeked in but there were no party crashers, luckily :)


Lorraine said...

Beautiful wedding....looks like a great family get together!

Libby said...

Beautiful wedding. I love Chase Palm Park.

Kate said...

Beautiful wedding! Looks like everyone had fun.

Mary said...

What a beautiful wedding. Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Congrat's to the newlyweds! You got some wonderful photo's!

Vivian said...

This looks like a special and memorable wedding, with so many family members attending, the lovely locale, and the beaming bride and groom.
Thanks for sharing your family's day with us. (Envy across the miles.)
And best wishes to the happy couple too.

Dawn said...

Lovely! How nice to have so many family members gather for a joyous event.

Abby and Stephanie said...

A happy occasion for sure. Gorgeous setting for a momentous day.

Karendianne said...

What a wonderful day, beautiful family and fantastic post!!! I really enjoyed this. Love, beauty and fun.

McIrish Annie said...

Wedding looks like soo much fun! How nice to have all of your family there. Your kids look like YOU!

Sarah said...

Beautiful wedding. What's great venue. It looks like a great family gathering, which makes the best wedding I think. Your daughter looks beautiful pregnant. I bet you're all very excited.