Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday's Orts

Another edition of Tuesday's Orts--bits and scraps of thoughts and events that land here semi-regularly.   Today it is orts pic by pic.

The mug mats finally got to their intended recipient, my friend's daughter Rachel, whose sorority has a kite as one of its symbols. I made these mostly with fabrics she sent, but branched out with some stash fabric to change up the kite design, backings and binding.  I forgot to take a photo of the four mats before sending them off to Texas, so Rachel snapped this one with her phone for me.  She said she loved them and sent me a very sweet thank you note.

Jase and Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty stopped by our Halloween Bunco the other week.  Glad they could fit a little fun into their busy filming schedule. Uncle Si did bring his own iced tea to drink.  

This lovely old plane landed and taxied right up to the restaurant when we were having breakfast on the patio of the Waypoint Cafe at the Camarillo Airport.  Very cool local place to eat and watch planes of old and new vintage come and go.  And the food's terrific too.

My cobweb master crafter being home from Arizona, she got straight to work on the front porch decor when I left out the new package of webbing.  Don't you think the dead plants in the pots add to the neglected and scary look?

It's a little crowded in the living room so Erica had to improvise her seating when she wanted to try to play a piano tune she learned years ago.  I'm sure her legs would have eventually gone numb if she'd practiced long enough :)

One more ort, though no pic.  A couple of months ago at my physical my doctor told me my thyroid hormone level was low, but he wanted to retest in a month to double check.  Well, two months went by before I got to the lab again on a Friday.  On the following Monday the doc called me to say the level was far below normal and asked if I had been tired.  "Very!" was my reply.  I was glad to know that besides my age and starting a new job that flip-flopped my hours, there was a reason I was so utterly exhausted every evening, achy, dry skinned, and gaining weight.  The doc started me on thyroid replacement, saying it would make me feel better.  I'll have to take this for the rest of my life.  I'm still waiting for that burst of energy but gradually am feeling less exhausted.  Maybe in another couple of weeks of taking the medication I'll even be able to sew at night again!


Lorraine said...

I have often thought my thyroid levels must be low given the same symptoms as you...but they are fine, so I will have to blame age and eating too much! The kites turned out very well!! Cute!

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

Annie, the mug mats turned out so nice. I know they were a real gift of the heart. I've been out of the loop for a while and so missed the finish of the wedding quilt. Wow it's a beauty! You must have been more than a little tired with very low thyroid levels, don't give up until they get your dosage right and you're feeling completely well. Hope that's soon.

carol fun said...

Cute little quilts -- glad you found out about your thyroid - hope you are feeling better soon!

Vivian said...

The mug mats are sweet as can be. Kites are such a fun theme to work with, and I'm sure they'll be enjoyed.
How nice to have a resident decorator, and yes, the dead plants add just the right touch of reality to the porch. :)
Hopefully it won't take too long to figure out the best thyroid med dosage. Glad you got a diagnosis that explained your symptoms.
Take care, my friend.

Janet O. said...

Mug rug success!! So cute, Annie!
The dead plants are a perfect touch. Any plants I put on my porch end up that way quickly. We so seldom use the front door and I forget about them so often, I just quit putting plants by my door. : )
Sorry about your thyroid issues. That seems to run in my family and I know from observation that it isn't fun! My Mom has had hers removed and is on meds for life. My older sis is also on meds. So far it hasn't hit me, but my doc watches it closely. Hope you get your life back soon!

Sherrill said...

I've been on synthroid for YEARS! Still not a lot of zip in my step! HA Hopefully there will be in yours.

Kate said...

The mug mats turned out great!

Glad that the doctor knows what's ailing you and hope that you have a spring in your step again soon.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Hope you feel better soon! Very fun and pretty mug mats. I have spiders that decorate for Halloween year round! You have a busy household!

Sarah said...

My Mum has similar thyroid symptoms that developed in her early50s. I keep asking the doctors if I have a sluggish thyroid, but no. Just laziness and eating too much!