Saturday, December 21, 2013

Solistice Saturday

Feeling nearly back to normal and trying to catch up with the near week of time I'm behind in Christmas preparations.  About the only thing that is finished is the decorating!  Here's a few shots from around the house:

In the lawyer's bookcase in the entry, a display of the beaded and sequined satin balls my husband's grandmother made many many years ago.  She passed away in about 1970, and my in-laws displayed these in their home for many years before they were passed on to us. 

The larger balls are about 6" diameter and she used a lot of costume jewelry--of which she was very fond--to decorate them.  Velvet ribbons and pearled pins add additional luster. 

Also in the lawyer's bookcase, a simple ceramic mini creche I've had for years, brass angels given to me decades ago by a dear lady I used to houseclean for, and the card my mother had printed with her drawing of the Madonna and child.

On the kitchen shelf, a vintage bottle brush tree that this equally vintage candle holder mouse is wondering will hold an ornament. Isn't he the cutest?  These also came from my mother-in-law.  What a saver she was!

A small stitchery that I finally finished a year or two ago after it lingered in the UFO box for years and years after I made a stitching mistake--that I can't even find now! It's fairly easy to see I prefer handmade, well aged and loved holiday decorations :)

 There was a little bit of sewing this week.  I made this mug mat for a co-worker as part of our department's Secret Santa gift exchange.  A leftover 6" block that has been floating around for years, some fancy machine stitches for quilting and a stitched initial for personalization, along with binding from some striped piping I made a long time ago--quick finish.  I gave this to my co-worker along with some spiced Chai tea and cookies.  When she showed up to work wearing a narrow striped shirt that matched the binding, I knew she'd love it, and she did. :)

My gift from another co-worker are these gorgeous green fat quarters and some dark chocolates from around the world.  I'll enjoy both--so yummy!  Now I'm off to try to finish the Christmas shopping, no doubt amid hordes of others doing the same.  Happy Holidays! 


Stephanie said...

I still have and love best the handmade ornaments from my children. Those beaded ornaments are lovely and wonderful handmade treasures. Glad you're feeling better. Now you can enjoy Christmas.

Marg said...

So glad you're feeling better.
The decorations are still in pristine condition, they are beautiful.
Great gift for you, and the mug rug is so cute.

Shay said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better Annie.

Your vintage decoration displays are amazingly beautiful. I may have to go on the hunt for vintage decorations next year!

I love old and handmade things .

Mary said...

What a great mug mat! Merry Christmas, Annie. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Kate said...

Glad you are feeling better. The mug rug is too cute. Love your vintage Christmas decorations. It is nice to have family heirlooms to display during the holiday.

Tanya said...

Sorry to hear that you have been having health problems but glad to know that you are back on the mend. (The only good thing about getting behind in reading blogs is that the reader knows the end of the story almost before the story.) Your decorations are beautiful!