Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday's Orts

Orts--bits and scraps of thoughts and events that land here occasionally. 

• DD Erica was a great help Thursday and Friday as I scrambled to find a dress and look like a lady for the company awards banquet I ended up going to with DH at the last minute. Together we found a LBD that I loved at Macy's. 
• There was a boy of about 10 sitting outside the dressing room entrance, who was so sweet to tell me, "That's a really pretty dress".  Later Erica told me he'd offered her his seat. She complimented his mother on his manners, but told me that politeness is one thing, sweetness is not something taught. I agreed!
• Friday night I got a manicure. I made an appointment at 9:00 pm. Luckily I only had to go upstairs to my resident nail specialist, where we watched Harry Potter on TV while she worked. 
• Saturday I got a pedicure from the same specialist, then she flat ironed my hair for me. What a relief to have an expert's help. 
• Our drive to Newport Beach was uneventful, and the banquet tasty, though  the awards portion was long, as usual. But we had a good table with some friends and enjoyed ourselves. 
• At breakfast in the hotel restaurant the next morning, Grant told the waitress he would have coffee and I would have Earl Grey tea. The waitress looked at me and sort of chuckled before walking away. When she came back with coffee and no tea and he repeated the request, the waitress told us what she'd thought he said about me was, "She's over eighteen". Too funny. 
• There is always a professional photographer at these events and our photo came out pretty well this year. Mind you, I took an iPhone shot of it so it's a bit dark. 
...but our wrinkles are a little less noticeable that way!


Patrica said...

You both look great! How nice to have a night out on the town all dolled up. I know it's stressful to find the perfect outfit but you pulled it off perfectly.

Vivian said...

You're a super looking couple! Smiling, happy in each other's company, having a great time, I'm sure.
Interesting--Grant's pose in this current photo is the same as in the thumbnail photo on the side of your blog. Just the addition of "the most interesting man in the world" facial hair. And I bet Grant is interesting too.
I enjoyed following your LBD and shoes and prep adventures.

Janet O. said...

Oh, the things we do for each other! : )
Sounds like a blessing that you have a helpful neighbor.
Glad it all went well--and you did get a great-looking photo out of it!

Marg said...

That's a win finding your lovely dress. A great photo of the both of you too.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a beautiful couple, love this "red carpet" shot! You are glowing! I'm glad you're over 18, too! ;)

Sherrill said...

You guys look so pretty/handsome and that IS a pretty dress!! One of the many reasons I always enjoyed cruises were the bountiful photo ops each day. We got some great photos from those cruises.

Mary said...

Oh, Annie, you look so pretty and what a great picture of the two of you!

A Nudge said...

You make a handsome couple, Annie & Grant. That's way cool having a beauty specialist in the house.
Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

Sweet picture, you will treasure it forever!

Shay said...

Annie you look utterly stunning...Your LBD is a winner!

Good on you for having some pampering - nails and hair !

Kate said...

You and your guy make a cute couple. You look great.

Sarah said...

You look lovely. I love your dress. It's so hard to find nice dresses with a little sleeve. Grant looks good with a beard too. My husband had one for the summer holidays, but shaved it off again last week. He got sick of it he said. Beards are a bit of a trend in Australia at the moment.