Monday, February 17, 2014

A Quilt's Nursery Home

Our grandson is due in less than a week, and while his quilt doesn't have a label until his name is announced, I took the opportunity of the work holiday to get a few pics of the nursery he'll be spending so much time in.

Here's the quilt over the crib, adding some color to the neutral backdrop.

Some interesting and handcrafted items hang above the crib. 

The yarn-wrapped antlers were a handmade gift, and I stitched the fox embroidery.  They purchased the owl print and the vintage metal hanger was among items I got from a family friend.  The silver keys are echoed in the hanger.

I never showed the finished fox before, since I completed the stitching the morning of Elaine's baby shower but then took it back to put in a new hoop for display.  

In the crib are some soft toys, including a flat Teddy, and a Daddy Doll, made to order to look just like my son-in-law, with his beard and plaid.  I love the fox and bear pillows too.  So cute. 

Scully, the baby's future big brother, ready to stand guard.

Elaine didn't want to be in the picture but agreed to hold up the quilt.  Her legs made it in, tho!

The back is a single fabric, which was requested by the couple, and certainly easier for me, though I love a pieced back too!  

 In the corner Chris hung some spice racks they bought for next to nothing, to use as book racks.  Clever!

A wooden dresser, re-purposed from Elaine & Chris's bedroom, makes a good base for the changing pad and modern diaper holder.  The cool lamp was the result of much hunting for just the right look and color.  The colorful artwork above was another special print they found. Not a great shot of it, tho, sorry!

I brought one additional gift over to the nursery today.  This is a bib that belonged to my husband when he was a baby.  It is an obviously well-used and loved item, maybe hand embroidered for my mother-in-law by a friend or relative.  I found this cool shadowbox at Michael's, covered a piece of foamcore with the same linen I used for the fox embroidery, and simply pinned the bib to the foamcore.  Now, a few closeups:

Kitty and his ball of yarn.

 Ringtail raccoons and plaid bias binding. 

Architextures fabric backing, and quilting detail. 

Quilt texture from the front.  

 A baby is coming to this nursery: 
 Very soon!


Stephanie said...

And a wonderful space for the little one. I can imagine the quilt will be as well loved by the baby as the baby will be love by everyone.

Nicole said...

Beautiful nursery! Your quilt is the crowning touch! Congratulations to everyone on the upcoming member of the family.

McIrish Annie said...

I see Caps for Sale! One of my favorite and my son's favorite books! YOu monkeys, YOu!

Shay said...

I like the antlers sticking out of Elaine's unseen head...

The nursery looks wonderful - so different from your usual nursery fare but so stylish . I love it!

Your quilt is the crowning glory and that fox is simply gorgeous!

Janet O. said...

Some really fun and clever decorating ideas here!
Thanks for giving us the nursery tour!

Kate said...

Its a fun nursery set up. The quilt turned out beautifully and fits in so well.

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Oh My! Oh My! This little nursery is just DARLING!!

I LOVE the colors and the theme of everything and that quilt of yours is PERFECTION!! You nailed it with this one!!!

I wish this little nursery (including your quilt) was down the hall… MY house!!!!

Great job 'granny'!!

Tanya said...

Exciting, exciting! And the baby's room is beautiful. (I'll have to show my Japanese friends. Baby's don't have their own room in Japan.) And your quilt is an heirloom! Fantastic!