Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sewing Curtain Panels, Waiting for a Babe to Come

This twist on the Beatles* song came to me as I worked on the last job for the nursery.  Curtain panels don't require much sewing skill--there is more MATH, fabric ripping, ironing, and pinning than actual sewing.  Things were going fine until the stitching part, when I thought I might have a meltdown.  My sewing machine just had a spa day last week and this morning when I put foot to pedal, I expected nothing but quiet whirring of the newly oiled and tuned motor.  What I got was a terrible rattle in the bobbin case, despite a perfect stitch.  This caused an  immediate flurry of disassembly and trouble-shooting, including an Internet search.  Eventually, after some additional cleaning and reassembly, the rattle went away.  Whew!  

The curtain panels are of this black and white scribble-type cotton print.  The lining pieces are cut from cotton/poly flat sheets I bought at Walmart for $15 each. The nursery gets a lot of light from the huge window the room has, and although there are pleated window shades installed, the lining should help cut down some of the light.

I'm once again turning to this book for expert help.  It gives clear instructions and lots of variety in illustration on a wide range of clothing and home decorating construction.  Though it was published in 1976, most of the content is of the traditional dressmaking type instruction, sure to give a fine finish.  In the rear of the book are some "projects" one may make using the instructional guide.  

Check out this mod bedroom!  My favorite is the vinyl pillows.  Wouldn't those be cozy to curl up with on a hot day?  The light bulb shaped lamp kills me.  

I carried on with the first panel from start to finish, with the goal of having all the kinks worked out before making the second.  There were a few bumps along the way but I'm happy to say the first panel is complete, it is the specified size, and will hang flat!  Still waiting on that grandson--my daughter has been trying to "walk him out" by taking long trips around a nearby park.  Her due date was only Saturday, so he is not really late yet :)

*Did you get the Beatles song reference?  It was a line from I Am the Walrus, beginning with "Sitting on a Cornflake..."


Janet O. said...

Oh, good grief, I think I had forgotten all about the Walrus song! I was trying to figure out which Beatles song you were referencing. : )
Can you get some of your money back on your machine's spa day? Seems only right, since you had to fix it after it had been fixed.
Congrats on a well-hanging, lined curtain panel--and for having the patience to make it.
Hope all goes well with the baby's arrival!

Shay said...

Snap - I have curtain hemming on my list for this week too (Ive only been avoiding it since about November!) Hopefully I'll be as successful as you.

Babies come in their own good time...I bet Eliane is utterly fed up though . Looks like I didn't win the baby arrival date prize!

PS.Happy Anniversary !

Patrica said...

Anticipation... another song you can hum along while you stitch up those curtains, it won't be long now!

Sherrill said...

Oh ugh, hope she doesn't have to wait as long as I did with my first one--3 weeks and he weighed over 10 lbs.!!! HAHA Good job, grandma.

Kate said...

I recognize that book, it's in my sewing library too, though I haven't looked at it in ages!

Glad you got the first panel done. Hopefully the new addition to the family will be here within the week.

Stephanie said...

Great reference book to have in your library. Never know when you'll need it! Happy Sewing.

Love The Beatles. They had some interesting lyrics during their drug years. goo goo goo joob


Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Oh My…..m-a-n-y a curtain have I made in my lifetime!!! You can do it girl!!

….and darn that baby….does he think he can just show up anytime he wants unannounced??!!