Sunday, April 13, 2014

Camarillo Quilt Guild Show 2014

My sister Kathy and I spent a lovely several hours at the Camarillo Quilt Guild show on Saturday.  This local show is put on every other year.  This year there were more vendors than ever, and more quilts than ever.  Here are a few of my favorites. 

What a great block this is--an expanding star of some kind.  Loved it. 

Look how the 9 patch in the center bursts out.  The quilter carefully constructed the directional print all going the same way.  I managed not to get a photo of the quiltmaker, unfortunately.
 Intriguing take on the One Block Wonder.  Another terrific quilt.

 How nice that her husband was the instigator!

A favorite color in this traditional quilt. 

Beautiful big quilt, too. 
Hi Lani!  Love your quilt!  I met Lani a couple of years ago as she is a local reader of my blog.

How about this interesting version of Storm at Sea?

I really liked her fabric choices, which was a surprise since blue isn't a color I'm usually drawn too. It must be the Asian prints, those seem to attract my attention often :)

I think I've bought some of that dragonfly print before!

Another blue Asian quilt that I loved.  This one is called Falling Pagodas.  See the sashing?  It is not a print. 

The sashing is hand-embroidered with a feather stitch and about one bazillion french knots.  Amazing!  Really great to see so much variation and individuality on many of the quilts.  And then there was a little shopping...

These batik 1/2 to yard cuts will be used for a quilt for my sister in law who's having a big birthday in a few months.  Lots of additions will be made to this pile, however, before any cutting and sewing is done.

I was able to fulfill my main goal, which was to find some larger scale 1900's repros to add to the High Cotton quilt, and replenish the stash.  The Rusty Crow Quilt Shop booth fit the bill exactly--I've purchased from her before at the Long Beach IQF show (which has moved to Portland this year, dangit!).

The colors got a bit washed out in this photo but you can see the bigger scale of the prints against that smaller cheddar background, which is also destined for the High Cotton (Kim Diehl) quilt.  The Perle cotton was a nice find too--these are hand dyed and yummy in person. 

My last purchase of the day was in the silent auction area, where a large display of mini quilts on stands was available.  Unfortunately there were few bidders, so I was given the two minis I wanted without waiting for the end of the show.  After I'd paid the cashier and was about to put the minis in my bag, I realized one had a label--Made by Lani!!  Too funny that I liked her big quilt and her mini. My photos were terrible so no sharing today.  I'm pleased to support the quilters of the CQG and look forward to another show in a couple of years.


carol fun said...

Now that sounds like my kinda quilt show -- great quilts & great vendors. I love that first quilt with the exploding star - have to study it more closely.

Mary said...

Nice finds at the quilt show. Congrats on winning the minis! Hope you can get good pictures of them to share.

Kate said...

Fun quilts, I love the Storm at Sea. Looks like you did well on finding what you need. Thanks for sharing some of the quilt show. We don't have many here so I have to "attend" on line ones.

Janet O. said...

That star is very intriguing--may need to try that one ...someday!
I think that is the best OBW quilt I have seen. Some of them get so busy there is nowhere to focus. This is beautiful!
LOVE that take on Storm at Sea. That pattern has so many possibilities in playing with color placement. I have been studying the variations I can find, lately, and this one never surfaced. I think it is great!
The stitching on the pagoda quilt sashing--oh, my!!!
Love your purchases. Repros and batiks are always welcome in my stash!! : )

Shay said...

The best part of any quilt show is the lovelies you bring home. Some gorgeous picks in your fabric pile !

Chantal said...

I agree with you; that expanding star is GOOOORRRRGEOUS!! and the quilting is well planned! LOVE it! The Storm at Sea is very attractive too. The new fabric you got is yummy; can't wait to see what you will make with all those. Another thing I can't wait to see is your new minis. Please share pictures :^) please.

julieQ said...

That expanding star is beautiful! I saw a quilt made with that pattern, and made one block, so I would always have the idea the completed quilt!

Vivian said...

Impressive quilts, every one. Thanks for all the great photos, especially the close-ups. I've sketched the expanding star for future use--I hope. That quilt is impressive, and that block is definitely on my to-do list.
Great finds from the fabric vendors. Gotta replenish whenever we can :)

Vivian said...

PS -- the sashing is beyond impressive in the pagoda quilt. I wondered, how can that not be a fabric print? It looks like a fabric print. Then you explained. Wowza!!

Tanya said...

Love that expanding star quilt... I wonder it the pattern is available somewhere...

I envy you being able to go to a quilt show. What am I going to do this summer with no Long Beach Show to visit?! Going to that show has been a tradition for me!