Saturday, May 3, 2014

Random Bits and Bobs

There was no action in the sewing room this week, save for Monday night's mad rush tidy-up before the housecleaners came for their once a month visit (a small luxury we can't give up!).  You've probably all heard about California's heat wave and it was pretty miserable here, especially at night since we have no air conditioning. Ugh. Today the high is a lot lower and some moisture is gradually returning, thank goodness!

 To match the post title, here are a few random shots from the week:

Bus commute photo of the Channel Islands.  The ocean was so dark, as the sun had only risen enough over the mountains to light up the islands.  I liked the contrast and all the different blues. Gazing at this view is the best part of riding the bus.

Dear Grandson Cove turned two months old on 4/26.  He's gained two pounds and an inch and a half in the last month.  I love that my daughter is using the quilt I made for him as her backdrop in monthly growth shots.

There was a face on my English muffin Grant made me this morning.  I had to take a quick shot before the eyes melted.

After breakfast I planned to get to the spray basting of the baby quilt-as-you-go.  Good thing I double checked the batting size, it was too small!  So I had to cut another and lay out the longest strip to confirm.  All good now!  The batting is now resting.

This birdie is front and center.  I'm waiting for my sister to arrive and help me, since she has spray basted before and I have not. There will be sewing today, at some point!  I should do some cutting while it cures.

Blog surfing led me to check out this fantastic DIY ladder/succulent project on the blog Sugar & Cloth.  What caught my eye is the "ladder".  It is a section of premade pressure treated railing from Home Depot that she stained and sealed.  My first thought was what a great quilt ladder it would make.  I checked the price of the 6 foot section: it is only $32!  Unfortunately, it is not sold at my local store, but I may be looking around for something similar. 

Finally, I got a lovely thank you card from the Doll Quilt Swap partner I sent my Churn Dash doll quilt to, Regina in Ohio.  She loved it and I'm pleased she did.  Lori has a linky party for the swap and there are some wonderful examples HERE. Neither of the swappers I gave to/received from have blogs, so I posted the link from my wrap-up that had both quilts. 

Happy Saturday!


Stephanie said...

The photo is quilt inspiring. I love the shades of blues. What a special backdrop for Cove's growth photos. My daughter has been wanting a succulent ladder. I'm sending her the link. Thanks!

Janet O. said...

Are Cove's eyes as dark as they appear in the photo? Love dark eyes! : )
What a great quilt display idea! I'll have to see if our local Home Depot has that!

Shay said...

The succulent ladder is genius. You can also do that with an old pallet I'm thinking or two stacked on top of one another (or bolted for safety )

Cove looks just like a baby model in that shot!

Barb said...

What a cutie there....I am so jealous

Michele said...

Cove is a cutie :-)

Kate said...

Some weeks are just that way. Hope you got in lots of stitching time this weekend.

Lorraine said...

Cute baby, cute quilt....!

Sarah said...

Cove is so cute! So alert, and oh the hair. Mine were all fair and had baby fluff hair. He'll need a trim or a pony tail soon! How hot was your heat wave? Our May has been unusually warm the last two weeks. Autumns last hurrah maybe? We really haven't broken into out cold winter days yet.