Sunday, June 22, 2014

Still Here

Well, that was an unexpected break.  Time passes so quickly!  No good excuses, I'm afraid.  But I do have some quilty stuff to share.

Lots of cutting equals pieces and parts piled next to the needle.  Great way to spend a Saturday, don't you think?  Me, I do some cutting, then some sewing.  It breaks up the tedious part.

Here are the first batch of pieced rows for a birthday gift quilt.  I'm not sure about that second one from the bottom, or the one at the top. Hmm.  After I finished all these rows I cut some more, and then went to an eye appointment.  Do you find the eye tests nerve-wracking like I do?  Though my vision hasn't changed much, it is still a bit of a puzzle to go through. 

My optometrist is very near-sighted, like me, and told me that allows us to have a "superpower" as we age:  We can see tiny details by taking off our glasses.  Most folks our age have to put ON glasses to read and even then can't really see the kind of detail we do.  Not that I felt smug or anything, learning I had a superpower  :) 

Last night we got to babysit grandson Cove while his mom and dad had a much-deserved date night out.  Papa and Cove spent some bonding time together. 

 Chillin with Papa.  He liked going in the backyard and watching the trees and bushes in the wind. Not to mention Scully the Boston Terrier tearing around the yard at top speed.

Cove was fascinated with both the lettering on Papa's shirt, and the cotton print shirt I was wearing, working very hard to make his hands and arms go where he wants them to.  He's almost four months and seems unstoppable--moving all the time.  Mimi, of course, did the dirty work of getting the baby to sleep.  Luckily I was given good instructions by my son-in-law Chris and it only took three tries before he stayed asleep :)  Mimi and Papa were tired by the end of the evening but so happy to spend the time with our precious one.

This morning as I was sitting at the dining room table having my tea, I kept hearing the refrigerator running.  Later I pulled off the vented cover at the bottom of the fridge and removed this:

Four animals and constantly open windows equals hairy dusty yuck. Maybe the fridge will stop running now!


Janet O. said...

Looks like a nice pattern for a gift quilt. No such thing as a quick quilt in my book, but some don't take as much time as others.
Looks like quality time with the wee one. : )
Yikes, makes me want to go check my refrigerator!

Nana B said...

I know fridge gunk well. Good to hear about our super power. Just last night I had to take off my glasses to see to thread my sewing machine needle!

Tanya said...

Cove is a cutie! What a nice smile!

I'm always afraid if I take too much of a blog break that I'll never get back to it... That's why I ramble so much about almost nothing.

As for the refrigerator... I didn't even know you could clean out from under it like that! Do I dare to go look...? I have SEVEN animals you know!

Stephanie said...

I think one Abby equals 4 animals. :o) Cove looks like a very happy camper and Papa looks the happiest.

Shay said...

That Cove is so adorable. Seriously.

Yep- My cleaner moves my fridge and cleans under it. I shudder to think what she found the first time she did that ....

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I need to explore under my own fridge; wowee!! Cove is absolutely adorable! :)