Thursday, August 7, 2014

LA Quilt Show

Since the International Quilt Festival moved to Portland, Oregon this year, quilt show options are slim in this area.  At our July Modern Quilt Guild meeting, we were informed about the inaugural LA Quilt Show being held at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles.  Since the location was no further than we would have driven to go to the Long Beach IQF show, my sister Kathy and I made a trip to the show on Sunday.  Though I am a native to SoCalif, I had never been to the Port of Los Angeles.  It is a HUGE port. The USS Iowa is berthed there and I'd like to make another trip down for a tour sometime.

Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles is a collection of individually owned "shops" under one roof, a huge old wooden warehouse with soaring ceilings.  It was a cool site, even if there was no air conditioning :)

We had gotten our tickets online and it included a really tasty lunch.  The show was very small, and there were only a few vendors; but--having no real expectations, we enjoyed ourselves.  Latifah Saafir,  founder of the LA Modern Quilt Guild, gave a talk and showed some of her quilts.  Before I realized who she was, I had already found displayed my favorite modern quilt of the show--Convergence--which was one of hers.

But my favorite amateur entry was No. 13:

The Crafted site doesn't have the show recap uploaded yet, but I'm hoping this won Viewer's Choice.  Some loot from the show and the Crafted shops did come home with me:

A few fat quarters, a pump converter for a mason jar, and some cookie mix.  My sister bought me the fat quarter stack of the polka dotted fabric.  I also bought some homemade squaw bread, which was delicious. Kathy, who loves to cook, got some bread and some flavored salts.  I had hoped to meet up with my blog friend Tanya, who is here from Japan.  I told her about the show but she and her family went on Saturday.  Here is her reaction. I have to agree that the show needs more participants and vendors, but it's a start.  Maybe next year my sister and I will send in entries.   I've made another web album to share pictures from the show.  Enjoy!

LA Quilt Show 2014


Janet O. said...

Though small, it looks like a cool venue (other than no AC). Hopefully it will keep growing.

Shay said...

Lets hope this show continues to grow.

Seeing your posts about quilt shows of late has really got me thinking about entering one of mine somewhere !

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a neat show, I loved looking through the album! Thanks for sharing, Annie!

Kate said...

Looks like fun, with a pretty diverse pile of loot that made it home.

Tanya said...

We bought some of that cookie mix too! And I brought home my quilt show ruler too.