Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What I'm Working On Wednesday

It took until Sunday, thanks to a bout of what has been diagnosed as probable diverticulitis, before I got a chance to go to the fabric store and get a couple of additional copper prints for the Winding Ways custom quilt.  This being Fall, I didn't think it would be difficult to find such colors, but it has been!
These are two Hoffman prints.  The one on the right was from a Christmas collection, but seems to blend well with ones already cut.  I've washed and ironed the new prints and just need to cut them to width for the GO! die cutter.

Due to my MATH error, there also was not enough of the neutral fabric for all the blocks.  I added these from my stash.  Now to get a long cutting session done... 

Among the projects languishing  ripening for years in boxes in the Hoosier cabinet is a quilt top I didn't make. 

My former boss's wife made this, sometime in the 80s, perhaps.  I already cut off an additional 20" piece from each end of what I'm calling a Medallion Star.  My plan is to take away the 80s by breaking up all that blue print with something lively.
 Like this border idea from an APQ Calendar pattern.  I like the two colors woven in and out and am using a brighter white for the neutral to add some cheer.

When my former boss gave me the bag with the quilt top some years ago, there were lots of pieces of the fabrics his wife used in the quilt.  I still have plenty of the berry colored print, but none of these blues or creams--I've used them up in other scrap quilts already.

This is the pattern book that came with the calendar.  It was surprisingly hard to find berry/wine colored prints right now.  I always seem to be looking for fabric colors and prints that aren't easily available!  I'm hoping I can squeeze out all the sections needed.  As for the rest of the languishing ripening projects in the Hoosier cabinet, I have plans for most of those too :)


Janet O. said...

Isn't it interesting how the availability of colors ebbs and flows. I always seem to be looking for colors in the ebb of their cycle. : )
I really like your border plan for that star block!

Stephanie said...

Those Autumn colors are so rich and gorgeous. I think berry/wine was a thing of the late 1990s. Those are the color in my family room couch and chair and quilts on my wall. I haven't updated that room yet. :o) I hope you're feeling much better. Happy cutting and sewing.

Mary said...

I love the concept of projects "ripening" in the box!

Shay said...

Those fabrics are perfect Annie. I would have assumed you bought all those fabrics at the same time if I didn’t know any different.

Medallion Star needs some more red I think . I quite like the base you’re starting with there. Maybe you could finish this off in a red, white and blue theme and give it to the Quilts of Valor project if you dont already have a planned recipient in mind?

I find that its feast or famine with fabric shopping. Im either seeing a million things I want to buy or nothing at all thats suitable. Looks like you might be verging on the nothing at all camp at the moment.

So whats the next step with your probable diverticulitis ?

Dawn said...

Oh, I hope you are feeling better! Sewing can always be a good distraction. Ripening projects, I like that!
Take care!

carol fun said...

Love those Fall colors - so rich! Sorry to hear about the diverticulitis - I had a bit of trouble with that myself this summer. A round of antibiotics helped. Hope you are on the mend. Have fun stitching!

Kate said...

You've been busy! Love the fall colors you have picked for the Winding Ways quilt. The border you have planned for the star will look great.