Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More Holiday Cheer

All of us being adults, there are few surprises at Christmas, but we did have a good time opening our presents.  Among the lovely gifts I received was one DD Elaine gave me--a ruler I desired:

I'm planning to try it out on the ugly fabric challenge project :)  The advice in the instructions says to practice on scrap fabric first.  I'm sure that's sensible.

An unexpected gift from grandson Cove was this treasure:

"I heart my Mimi"--so cute!  Some of my favorite photos of that adorable baby. 

I did order myself a couple of gifts that my husband said "Merry Christmas" to.  Both are for streamlining and unifying my open, cluttered sewing room.  First is what is actually a computer desk, very simple, white, and open.  This will house an added scrapbooking storage bin cart.  The plan is to have three of the carts under the desk, which in turn will free up space under the cutting table, which in turn will allow room for my extra sewing machine, now occupying space in my husband's music room.  There will likely be a lot of things moving around in the near future!  This includes the current desk sitting next to my sewing machine desk:

This belonged to my mother-in-law.  She gave it to me maybe five years ago when she moved to a smaller unit at her senior living complex.  I thought it was mid century blond but it is maybe older than that--1940's?  While I like it, the storage is minimal and it isn't being used for housing a sewing machine.  I can't seem to find anything like it in online searches so have no idea what to ask for it if I sell it. Pondering...

There was some holiday sewing post-Christmas, more trees. 

These are improv trees from Amy Smart's tutorial. I used only two colors in my previous use of this method, for the crayon challenge I showed before, but free of that restriction, this deep red complemented the Cotton + Steel charm pack prints.  Leftover scraps for ground and trunk were easily added.

A little batting, rattail cord, stitch and turn, a little handquilting, and these were quickly snapped up by my daughters, niece and daughter's friend. Quick and fun. Tonight we will keep Cove for his first sleepover, and celebrate the New Year tomorrow with a family BBQ.

I think the best Christmas gift I gave this year was finding a new place for my sister to live.  This happened fortuitously when I called the mother of a friend whom I knew has a big house and sometimes rents to others.  Timing is everything--she had a room available and has met Kathy on several prior occasions so knows her already.  Serendipity!  Kathy's daughter is here visiting and will be helping her move to the new place before she heads back to St. Louis Jan 2, where she is starting a new job after being unemployed for many months.  Wonderful news for all--Happy New Year!  


Vivian said...

So many happy things to see and read in today's post. Looking forward to seeing what you do with that ruler. I'm not familiar with it, but any curves are fun for a quilter's creative juices.
Gotta love anything with a grandchild on it. Cute mug with all those precious photos of Cove. I have a mouse pad with photos, very well used.
The desk does look like mid-century design, but I'm no expert. Unique design and color. Hopefully someone can give you a price suggestion.
Love those little trees.
Happy New Year, Annie

Mary said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how you use your new ruler...and I am so glad for all the happiness you've had this Christmas. Happy New Year!

Belinda said...

Happiness seems to be flowing all around you. Maybe this is a trend that will follow you into the new year!!!

You are getting quite good at those little trees!!!

Happy New Year friend!!!

Stephanie said...

I think the best gift might just had been that mug, besides holding Cove in person! :o) Good luck with the ruler. I think it's clever and makes fabulous designs, if you can get it to work. Wishing you a happy, healthy, and creative new year.

Kate said...

That Cove mug is precious! I guess 2015 will start off with a sewing room reorg, which is what I'm doing as well.

Hope the sleep over went well. Wishing you all the best in 2015!

Janet O. said...

Love your little trees. That is a great fabric you used on the trunks. : )

Sarah said...

Everything has worked out well for your sister and niece. Good to hear in a new year. I have never seen a desk similar to the one pictured. Cute, but not really a practical size.