Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Was Merry!

We had our little family gathering Christmas Eve, and after posing for our Christmas card photo, we shared a light dinner of two soups, garlic toast, and some gelato for dessert.  Then came time for the presents.  Cove, of course, was the star of the show.  

 He especially liked the bows and paper. 

Mimi had the honor of helping Cove open his very first Christmas present from us, which was a chunky wooden puzzle with knob handles--hence the odd lumps of the package.  He liked it!

Then he went to town as more presents were opened, grabbing all the wrapping paper and tissue and rolling it over and over in his hands, swiping it on the carpet, and throwing it out of his way as he crawled around.  He was having a grand time.

We finished up fairly early and our daughter and family headed home, which is less than a mile away.  We later got a photo of Cove completely crashed out on his changing table, knocked out from his exciting evening, not even able to stay awake enough to finish a bottle :)

Cove had a few more gifts to open at his great-grandparent's house on Christmas Day.  Here he is with his Dada meeting Mr. Fox, from his great-aunt and uncle.  The puffy red Patagonia vest he's wearing was another gift he received.  So cute!  We had a great time with a lot of family members, and I was a baby hog (and didn't care!).  It was a lovely few days off and I was stingy with my vacation time--I barely left the house for the next three days!  Today it was back to work, but I will be off New Year's Eve day and New Year's Day. 

Happy New Year to All!


Belinda said...

OH OH….Christmasy baby spam!!! The best kind!

Belinda said...

… eye glasses???

Stephanie said...

What a fun Christmas! Cove wears red very well. :o) Happy New Year!

Mary said...

What wonderful Christmas memories! Thanks for sharing.

Janet O. said...

Looks like a very Merry Christmas--it is always more fun with little ones around to generate more joy! Cove is such a cutie. : )
You have a very good-looking family!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Baby's first Christmas is always so special. He looked like he was enjoy the wrapping paper and tissue almost as much as the gift inside

Joyful Quilter said...

It's so nice to have family around for the holidays. Looks like yours was very merry. Have a happy new year!

Kate said...

Looks like lots of fun. Looks like Cove really enjoyed himself.

Have a very happy New Year!

Sarah said...

Christmas is back to being more exciting now for you with grandchildren. My 10 month old niece loved the paper and packaging best too when we had Christmas with my family on the 28th.