Monday, March 16, 2015

Design Wall Monday--3/16/2015

Finally off my design wall is the Scout quilt top, which I finished last week.  This is a larger crib size quilt and looks pretty big here!  I'm pleased with how all the colors play together and the combinations that came together. I shared this at my MQG meeting and it was a hit.

Sunday I went to Superbuzzy and picked up some more of the black with gray dot to use as backing, and some of the cream tree print for binding.  Things are moving along to the sandwich stage.  Sometime this month, I will have a finish for 2015!

Also off my design surface as of yesterday is the Winding Ways quilt top--finally (but no photo yet).  I sewed the remaining blocks into rows, then into the bottom half of the quilt top, and finally created the whole top late Saturday night about 10:00 pm.  I've washed the Minky backing and am ready to enlist my sister to help spray baste the batting to the Minky.  We found that worked really well in keeping the Minky tamed while pinning the quilt top and quilting, without shifting, curling or inducing cursing.   It's been nearly a year since I made THIS quilt with Minky backing using that method. .

While piecing the tops, I've been adding to my pile of four patches for the Go Four It APQ Quilt Along (quilt patterns in the April 2015 issue).  I'm going to make a version of Edyta Sitar's Scraptacular quilt.  However, my four patches are finishing at 2" since I'm using 1.5" strips, whereas Editya's are even smaller.  It's been great to get all these lingering scraps into blocks.  So far I have about 70 four patches completed and about 30 more matched pairs of twosies sitting by my machine waiting to be four patches as leader-enders.  I won't be making any deadline but will continue to add to the piles as I work on other projects.

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loulee said...

Love that finished top.

carol fun said...

That top has a great graphic modern quality -- very nice! Oh those 4 patches...I went bigger with mine too but I stalled out about a week ago. Its hanging on my design wall waiting for my mojo to return.

Kat said...

I love that top. The fabrics have great texture.

Joyful Quilter said...

I really really really really like that quilt (I was trying not to say I LOVE IT, since I always say that). ;o)

Thanks for the great tip on the minkie, I'm definitely going to try that the next time I use it (instead of 10 millions pins and a lot of swear words).

Janet O. said...

I was afraid to comment because what I have to say may sound negative, but it isn't at all--REALLY!!
That quilt reminds me of driving through Yellowstone Park decades ago after it had been ravaged by forest fire. The landscape had changed so dramatically in places. The charred skeletons of the trees stood in stark contrast to the backdrop of life around them. It was hauntingly beautiful to me, and that is what this quilt top brings to my mind. I love it!