Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sewing Room Work

In between looking for a new job, there is plenty to keep me busy in the sewing room.  I promised DD Erica some Euro pillows at Christmas and it has taken me until now to get to them.   I wanted to try this idea I pinned some time ago.  I started with a linen-cotton chunk of yardage purchased on clearance at JoAnn's several years ago. Euro pillows are big so I was able to get the fronts and backs only out of the piece I had.  I pin basted the fronts to a muslin backing.  Of course I had to wash and iron the muslin before using it, but that was easily done in the sink.
Quilted with a walking foot about 1" apart with an ombre quilting-weight thread. 

I have no recollection of buying this thread but sometimes things in clearance bins end up here!

Zigzagged the edges to prevent fraying and to keep the quilting intact.  I just used my walking foot and the same ombre thread since I'm lazy.  Now on to the big stitch quilting.
This Presencia ombre embroidery floss I bought at my local fabric store.  I got three skeins and used a full skein on half of the 26" front panel of one pillow!  Today I'll swing by the shop again to see if there is more. I only need one skein to finish both pillows.  I'd rather not have to order it.

Closeup of the quilting design--I chose to put only one row of stitching every other section to cut down on the finishing time.  I altered the stitch length a little to help differentiate it.

I think it looks good on the muslin backing too :)   Portable work is nice to have.  Last month I started working on a cross-stitch pattern I bought more than two years ago, stitching during lunch hour.  And as I'm clearing my horizontal surfaces in the sewing room, there are more half finished projects unearthed.  So I'll be very busy until I get paid work.  But there was still time to have lunch with my favorite 14 month old last week:

The fountain was the most amazing thing he had ever seen.  Too adorable for words.  He was available for babysitting a couple of days ago, and will be again on Saturday.  Love that!


Barb said...

I love your pillows and the technique you are using.

Shay said...

Time spent with our grandbabies is always pure joy.

Love that Euro pillow Annie. The different stitching on the front looks fantastic.

Mary said...

Great use of your time. Good luck on the job hunt. It looks like Cove has become quite the explorer.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Nice quilting technique, the tactile appearance of those stitches is very appealing... well done! Could Cove get any cuter? Apparently he can! :)

Quilt Hollow said...

Taking advantage of your new free time is wise. Have fun!

carol fun said...

Love the look of this pillow... maybe one in turquoise for my living room...oh no another project- LOL! And who could resist that cutie...enjoy every minute!

Dawn said...

The pillows look great. I love the combo of machine and hand big stitch. Looks like a very fun lunch date!

Patrica said...

I missed the part where you have to look for a new job - boo. The pillows will be amazing, I love the color. Good fortune in the job search..

Janet O. said...

A very eye catching pattern mixing the hand and machine quilting.
Looks such good times with Cove--such a cutie!

Kate said...

Love the stitching on the pillow.

Sorry you are between jobs. Hope you find something very quickly.