Thursday, June 25, 2015

Catching Up Redux

Lots going on around here.  I'm working at my two part-time jobs and things are gelling pretty well so far.  It is SO good not to commute out of town anymore!  I feel like I actually live in my city again, after more than two years.  Being 4 minutes from my main job location is a special thing!

My sewing room is once again a disaster.  Our guild participated in Quilt in Public Day and I grabbed armloads of quilts to take for display.  I also brought my witches quilt for the president of our guild, a longarmer, to finish for me.  I want to enter it in the County Fair and the deadline for that is next month.  It has waited a long time to be completed. 

I did add eyebrows, noses and eyelashes to the witches' faces before handing it off with a pieced backing. 
Here is the president talking to my mom and me at QIP day.  Our Opportunity Quilt is hanging next to her.  We had a fun day and although I burnt the crap out of the back of my neck, it was fun to be outside doing quilty stuff with friends.  I'm wearing a refashioned Target Tshirt in this pic.  I could not find one of the popular kimono wraps that I liked, so I bought this:

I liked the lace inset on the back.

And I liked the change in hemline from front to back.  I simply sliced up the middle to make a kimono.

 Not so great at selfies, but it drapes nicely and is lightweight but not see through.  

My next quilt project is a comfort quilt.  Our neighbor's 11 year old son has developed an osteosarcoma on his right leg and has been undergoing chemotherapy.  He has a few more weeks of this before the tumor is excised, then more chemotherapy.  The doctors say it is localized and highly curable, but of course the treatment is severely toxic and horrible to endure.  I asked his mom if he had any favorite colors and he chose black and green; "Green for luck", he said. I have selected this design for his quilt:

Isn't this a cool variation of Jacob's Ladder?  I had fun shopping at Superbuzzy to pick out lots of green prints.  Their fat quarters are still under $3.00 each, a bargain compared to the 4.99 I have seen on some batiks.  I'm using Kona white and Kona black for the four patches.  

The pattern is a simple 3x3 grid.  I chose a finished size of 12" for my blocks so I could showcase more of the prints in the HSTs.  I love the one with a campfire and S'mores.  I'm making a comfort quilt size with 20 blocks set 4x5.

All the HSTs are now made and I've got a start on cutting a few of the strips of black and white for the four patches.  I also ordered some flannel from Connecting Threads which is on its way.  Some other stuff may have jumped in the cart too :)

Whew, now I gotta fly to work!


Shay said...

Love your fashion re- do Annie. It looks fantastic ( and your selfie looks pretty good too)

Your new project sounds like a winner - both in terms of design, and the for the new intended owner. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery for the young fella.

Stephanie said...

LOVE the up cycle/makeover. You do a much better selfie than I do. :o) Wishing the best for your neighbor boy. That's just a crappy diagnosis for anyone but always seems worse when it's a child. He'll recover and be comforted by your generosity.

Janet O. said...

Clever redesign on the top. So hard to find just the right thing in the stores!
Good of you to make that quilt for your neighbor. Great pattern!

Joyful Quilter said...

Cute re-purposed T...I was just getting ready to go to Target, I may have to play copycat. How do you finish the edges?

Love the quilt pattern, can't wait to see yours done.

Patrica Dowell said...

For some reason I've missed your entire month of June posts and so had great fun catching up with all your doings just now. Cove is certainly growing up fast! Isn't it amazing all the changes he's going through? I love the T shirt re-do what a great idea.

Kate said...

You've been busy. Love the idea for your new quilt. Hope you've been able to make some progress on it.