Monday, June 29, 2015

Design Wall Monday 6/29/15

On this last Design Wall Monday of June, I have a mockup of the block for the comfort quilt I'm making for our neighbor's son who has an osteosarcoma and is undergoing chemotherapy.

This is a variation of Jacob's Ladder that I found HERE (scroll down to the bottom for this version). Yesterday I got all the black and white 4 patches cut and sewn so will be ready for block assembly--I'm making 20 12" blocks.  My goal is to have the quilt finished in a week. The flannel I ordered from Connecting Threads has arrived and will be perfect.

I'm actually in the middle of three quilts for others.  My brother texted me a few days ago that he needs a quilt for his queen sized bed and I offered the bullseye quilt top I made last year.  Searching my pictures, it seems I haven't got a photo of the completed top.  I chose the gingham as an inner border and the Thimbleberries print as the outer border but in they were not attached yet in this shot.

However, it is far too small to cover a queen bed so I have pulled a lot of neutrals and old stash in colors similar to the above gifted blocks (Thanks again, Mary of Quilt Hollow!) to make an additional border of the bullseye blocks.  I'll decide on additional border sizes once these blocks are attached.  I seem to have plenty of stash to choose from!

Third quilt I'm making is for my sister-in-law.  My husband Grant's older half-brother Jan died suddenly in March from a recurrent brain tumor, and I offered to make a quilt from some of his dress and casual shirts.  This is the quilt I pinned on Pinterest with her in mind, which I found HERE

On Saturday we took a trip down the coast to see her and go through the closet to select some of her favorites of Jan's clothes.

It was an overcast day but still wonderful to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway and look at the ocean.  This large bed of seaweed caught my eye.  

I took pictures of at least three different flocks of pelicans cruising the coastline as we drove south.

Lots of people out enjoying the early summer weather in Malibu. Lots and lots of cyclists...

We had a good visit with our sister-in-law and she picked out some shirts and I chose others to coordinate, with Grant coming home with several suits and even a tuxedo, as well as some other shirts and slacks.  After a lovely lunch and a visit to Jan's boat in the Marina Del Rey harbor with her son and his girlfriend, we headed home, with promises to get together again soon for a harbor sail.  

 We got home near sunset and the sky was gorgeous. 

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Janet O. said...

Good luck juggling all of the projects.
I really like the keepsake quilt pattern. I've promised to make a quilt for a friend whose hubby died last year. She hasn't felt ready to go through his clothing yet, but when she does, this quilt will be an idea I'll share with her.

Sherrill said...

I've always really liked the ease of the bullseye and keep thinking I should make another. So sorry to hear about your BIL. Wonder if he had the same kind of tumor as my Frank. Love the 'shirt quilt' you're making for your SIL. SO sweet. That's pretty much all I'm making anymore are donation quilts (though to strangers rather than family) as I want the stash gone! It's scary big and nothing I do seems to help.

carol fun said...

Oh you have your plate full right now... all of these are wonderful quilts and I can tell that each one is filled with love. Hope you have lots of quality sewing time this week.

Dawn said...

The black and white four patch is very striking. You have very loving and generous projects in the works!

Mary said...

A group of us helped make quilts from shirts for a friend who lost her husband. By the time we finished I think there were quilts for all the children and grandchildren. It was a very moving experience even though I did not know him beyond the briefest encounters.

I wish it were easier for us to get to the coast. I've always loved the ocean and your pictures are beautiful.

Shay said...

Love all the projects you're working on Annie but my favourite is your memory quilt. That one is going to be so treasured .