Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday's Orts

Tuesday's Orts--bits and pieces of events and thoughts that land here occasionally.
  • One of my two jobs had an office move, luckily while I was out of town, and things are slowly coming together.  Here's hoping the 90's reception room furniture will be gone soon, as it is killing the buzz in the newly painted and carpeted space.  
  • Traffic Rant:  For heaven's sake, pull all the way forward into the parking space, especially if you have a big ass vehicle and are parking in a tiny lot--other people would like to get by.  Sheesh!
  • Despite the incredible disaster area my sewing room currently is, I have been sewing.  After carefully measuring and cutting, the first of two outer borders went on to the Bullseye quilt for my brother.  I did have to ease the borders a bit, but it worked out.  Then the second outer border side sections went on.  I laid out the remaining border pieces over the quilt top and cut them to length.  Only then did I notice I had cut duplicates of the side pieces--which would be too short for the top and bottom sections.  I took the high road and decided this gave me a DESIGN OPPORTUNITY for corner blocks.  Since I had so many extra circles from cutting out the centers of so many blocks, it was natural to continue the theme in the corners.

The acorn print worked well with the brown inner border and the green final border fabrics, I thought, and unified the corner bullseyes.

 Lucy agreed.

After a local search for dark green print, the outer border fabric I ordered from an Ebay seller.  It is a Kansas Troubles print from a line a couple of years old and the fabric is simply yummy in quality and hand.  I think it goes well with the Thimbleberries print that was originally the outer border before I started expanding the quilt to queen size.  Both have small leaves scattered all over.  
  • Halloween on Saturday night--that brought a mixed bag of  trick or treaters.  In years past we have had literally hundreds of visitors to our door.  This year was about 100.  DH Grant again resorted to giving out handfuls of candy, even earlier than last year.  My favorite costume was a little girl in a one piece unicorn with floppy legs that "ran" when she did.  Adorable.  My favorite trick or treater, of course, was Cove. 
  •  Once again, DD Elaine and her friend came up with a great costume idea for their two boys.  
Here are Hans and Franz, ready to Pump You Up (Saturday Night Live lives on!).  Cove/Hans is flexing pretty hard right there. My contribution was making the weightlifters belts. 
 Cove appears to have gotten at least some of the chocolate in his mouth!


Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

Your bulls eye quilt is amazing you can't go wrong with Kansas Troubles fabric. I have a friend who only uses that in her quilts. I would probably be bored with all my projects looking the same but all her work is beautiful and they certainly coordinate. Cove has gotten so big and is of course adorable I just love seeing how he has grown.

Janet O. said...

Sounds like you timed being out of town just right! : )
Good idea on the corners! The quilt looks great.
Clever costume idea--so cute.

Vivian said...

Bulls eye quilts are being made a lot lately by local quilters. I'm seeing and hearing about them all over. (Everyone has made the circle bulls eye from the quadrants--no variation in layout, which I want to do.) Looks like I'll have to join in. Some local gals had acrylic circle templates made for their 3 circles--lack of confidence in their own skills? I wouldn't think that's necessary. Do you cut your circles freehand? That's my plan, when I finally make one.
Cove is growing up so fast! What a cutie!

Mary said...

Great solution to your border problem. I think it added interest.

Kate said...

I've missed your Tuesday Orts post. I'm way behind on blog reading. Somehow I can't sew and read at the same time.

Your brother's quilt turned out beautifully. You really made the most of your design opportunity. Love the boy's costumes! Looks like Cove had a very fun Halloween.

Angie said...

Oh girl, your brother's Bullseye quilt is so gorgeous! I instantly wished I had some of the acorn background fabric. What a great 'neutral' fabric. :) And your Halloween decorations are delightful. Your jar lid pumpkins are so cute. :) I feel like I have been gone from the online quilting community for so very long...have developed an intense desire to cut and piece something again, anything, maybe just some circles on backgrounds. I do love the 'bullseye' even before it is stitched and cut apart. Maybe I will make a few minutes to indulge myself. :) So fun to 'see' you. I miss my online friends.