Sunday, May 22, 2016

Continuing the KonMari

I started the KonMari tidying method last year (from Marie Kondo's book "The Life Changing Magic of  Tidying Up"), where one sorts by category and not room, selecting what to keep by the criteria of "sparking joy", rather than what to eliminate.  I am currently wading deep in the "komono" portion of the ordered sorting, after completing Clothing, Books, and Papers.  This is a "miscellaneous" category and there is a LOT of miscellaneous around here!  I have done linens, CDs and DVDs, office and stationery supplies, my kitchen, and lot of craft items. Each time I switch out seasonal decor, I've chosen my favorites and given away the rest.  I'm happy to say my drawers and closet are still "sparking joy", and I've not filled up empty spaces. 
 My long sleeve shirt drawer is sporting new liner paper since this picture and I've added ONE shirt since September. Yay me! I was stuck on fabric/sewing/quilting as it is HUGE in my house and decided to move on to decor items.  I have a lot of those too as I like to change things around frequently. 

Candles/candleholders before:
It was surprising to see how many of these items there were.  That is the magic of sorting by category--you gather every single item of the category and truly see the amount you have!

Seems wrought iron is a bit of a theme, no?

 Who needs 4 candle snuffers?  I kept two and DD Erica will get another.

 These are going to the thrift store except some that went to the trash. 

50% purged.  I actually added nearly all the tapers to the giveaway pile after this picture.  Handling each item really taught me that I prefer pillar candles over tapers.  After returning some favorite candle holders to their usual spots, the remainder fit into my sideboard and I have an empty bin under the stairs where the tapers used to live.  Even the potpourri that lived in the bin was re-homed in the sideboard.  Love that.  I've now sorted through other decorative items including trays, statuary, vases, wall decor, display stands, and other knick knacks but have yet to decide where many of these will live.  That is a hazard of this type of purging---waiting until the end to assign everything a home.  But it feels great to let things go that I wasn't using and/or no longer felt any joy from.  Next is art/paintings/prints and I have a lot of those too.  Having some time off this week will help!


Janet O. said...

Wow, I get tired just thinking about this process. Good for you to tackle this. I should follow your example, but I think I will take a nap instead. : )

Browndirtcottage said...

CLAPPING CLAPPING….BRAVO!!!! I started a little of this w-a-y early spring. I hauled off to the Salvation Army enough filled trash bags to fill the back end of my pick up. I have another pile started.

Mary said...

i am so proud of what you are accomplishing! I need to revisit some of the areas I cleaned out last year. Maintenance is a challenge for me.

Cherie in St Louis said...

I've been reading your KonMari journey with interest and find them inspiring. I'm currently reading the book but am not sure I'm disciplined enough to follow the process all the way through...High fives to you for getting it done :)

Kate said...

That has to be a great feeling to have accomplished all the organizing and clean up. Good luck with the rest. My quilting room would probably be last on my list as well!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Nicely done!! I'm doing a blog series called The Decrapification Project. Not following a specific plan, but needing to redo my sewing room. It's beginning to feel SEW much better!!