Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday's Orts--MQG version

Tuesday's Orts--bits of thoughts and events that land here occasionally.  This one is quilt heavy!
  • The Modern Quilt Guild I belong to has some very talented members.  This was much in evidence for a quilt swap I joined in a few months ago.  Last year we did a Round Robin, this year it was a Row Robin.  Eight members submitted a beginning row and fabrics to accompany the row along with a preference sheet.  Each month we passed along a completed row and got another quilt top to work on, all modern in style--a real stretch of the brain!  Four rounds later, the tops were done and we had our reveal last night.  Here's mine: 

The Improv half-log cabin blocks on the left end were my starter row and I included all solid fabrics for the other stitchers to play with; I requested a minimum of black be used.  Wow, what a great job they all did!  I love the way the quilt is more red on one half and more teal on the other. Many thanks to the four wonderful ladies who worked on my top: Kathy M, Joyce, Barbara, and Kim.  I'm thinking another row of the Improv blocks at the bottom might be a fun way to finish off the quilt top, but haven't decided. These were from a workshop I took at QuiltCon in February 2016 with Heather Jones--my blocks are on the wall in a photo she shows on her blog!
  • I had a good workout on all four of the tops that passed through my hands.  The final one was Barbara's.  In this case, her starter row didn't stay as an end row; she sewed the dark gray blocks with the Improv triangle corners.
My thoughts upon getting this top were that it needed yet another style of triangle to finish it off.  I added the TriRec triangles at the bottom (for size reference, my TriRecs were 3x6")

Look how different they all were.  I'm hoping to join in yet another such quilting adventure next year to practice more hallmarks of modern quiltmaking including improv piecing, negative space, high contrast, and alternate gridwork.
  • My sister Kathy's Row Robin didn't fit in the above photo I stole from the guild's Flickr
Kathy used some gorgeous Burma silks she'd bought at a quilt show, but found out that they were not colorfast AFTER she made her starter row.  That beautiful deep teal blue turned gray!  So this quilt will have to be dry-cleaned.  Her starter row is the second from the right; I added the first round, which ended up as the center row on the completed top.  What a great job everyone did repeating certain elements and bringing it all together as a whole. 
  • Our guild is making a quilt for the Orlando Pulse Club victims and families.  We will send our heart quilt with love for those devastated by this senseless killing of so many.


Janet O. said...

I am always fascinated to see what people do in round robin and row robin quilts, but I am too chicken to participate. And there you are looking to join another one. : )

Kate said...

Lots of variety in the finished projects. Love the different color schemes everyone used. Definitely looks like a fun swap.

Kaja said...

It's always so interesting to see how this sort of quilt turns out and your group did some great work. It is definitely a good way to work on your improv!