Saturday, July 2, 2016

UFOs and Grands

A mixed bag once again this post.  After I showed the High Cotton quilt top finish a couple of weeks ago, I'm sorry to say it remains a top. Backing fabric I'd chosen had some unacceptable flaws and a small hole so I'm at a stall until I choose something else from stash.  

In my desire to keep the UFOs moving, I turned to my Hoosier cabinet and picked Cocoa Baskets, from McCall's Quilting Sept/Oct 2010.  That's right, this project could start first grade this year!  

Luscious greens and dark reds and a couple of browns were selected for this sort of primitive designed row quilt by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith (Homestead Hearth Quilts) who used black, tobacco, and dark browns.  I did make a change to the pattern as I prefer the Churn Dash block I made here rather than the Shoo-Fly type.  I also am making fewer blocks for a smaller quilt.  The project hit UFO status when I could not decide how to finish the appliqued basket quilts and ran out of background fabrics. Having just reorganized my fabric, it was easy to choose from the Repro drawer.  

These three new basket blocks will get brown buttonhole stitching like I quickly decided on for their 6 year old siblings; another three are in the wings ready to be fused to backgrounds for the total of 12 basket blocks I need.   A few more 9 patches and Churn Dashes and assembly can begin. 

This morning after breakfast I'll be spending a few hours with this little grandson while his Dada takes big brother to the beach.

 Here Hunter is inspecting Auntie Erica's fingernails a couple of weeks ago on Father's Day.

And looking like a little Tough in his cutoff shorts and serious face while Great-Auntie Kathy holds him (the spit bubble offsets that, lol).  He is now giggling at big brother and is a smiley boy most often.  Both boys have sort of hazel eyes, not quite brown.  I lightened up this pic to try to show that. Their Mama was hoping one boy would get their dad's blue eyes, but nope!

Big Brother Cove giving thumbs up on the family's recent trip to visit friends in SanFran.  The monkey-covered headphones are pretty funny.  Hunter is pleasing his parents by sleeping through the night since before he was four months old, and Cove is now potty-training like a champ at 2 years 4 months.  We are so lucky to see them often and treasure these times.


Lorraine said...

Nice to get back to a UFO! The boys are growing up so fast - great that you get to see them often - those headphones Cove is wearing are pretty cute!

Mary said...

What sweet pictures of the two boys! You are really making progress in the UFO department.

Janet O. said...

I got a chuckle from your comment about the UFO being able to start first grade. Hmmm, I think I have some that could be in college. *LOL*
Liking what I see of the project. I Look forward to more.
Cute little guys! Aren't they the best??

loulee said...

Your quilt blocks look lovely. I think I remember you posting images of some baskets way back? Your family look cute too.

Cherie in St Louis said...

I love your baskets....I.MUST.NOT.START.A.BASKET.QUILT, lol!!!

Kate said...

Sorry you had such problems with your selected backing for the High Cotton quilt. Hope you find a good substitute soon. Your revisited UFO is looking great. Good luck getting it to the finished flimsy stage. Both boys are getting so big. I love Cole's Monkey headphones, too fun!