Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday's Orts

Tuesday's Orts--bits and bobs of thoughts and events that land here occasionally
  • A month went by during which I thought about blogging roughly daily but never seemed to get myself to the computer.  Life has been very busy and it is apparent that is likely to remain so!  We are spending a lot of time dealing with my husband's 97 year old mother's needs and difficulties with worsening dementia, including a number of emergency room visits for falls, fortunately without any significant injuries.  She has caregivers to help now but we still worry a lot.
  • I got back the Mystery Quilt from the longarmer and love the Baptist Fan quilting.  Binding I made about two years ago is waiting to be applied.  I need a new name for this quilt!

 I took another quilt in to be done and can't wait to see how High Cotton will look.
  • Our MQG Opportunity Quilt is finished.  I volunteered to take over the binding from another member.  This is the first time I have ever finished someone else's binding and it was an odd exercise.  If I had been thinking better, I would have machine finished the darn thing, but instead persevered with hand binding and attaching a hanging sleeve.  Since the hanging sleeve was an afterthought I ended up taking out the stitching I had already done as well as nearly  two sides done by another guild member.  Thankfully it is all done now, has been handed off for photography, and tickets are being sold. 
  •  There were more work hours this past month as I filled in some shifts for another employee who was off taking the MCAT for medical school entry.  That is one gnarly test and only the cream of the crop are even asked back for an interview after top tier scoring.  My co-worker was asked back after taking the test last year, but as there are literally thousands of applicants for few openings, he didn't get into a school.  Therefore he decided to retake the test to improve his score and studied intensely again for months.  It will be a while before his results are back and that can't be easy to bear. 
  • Quilting-wise, my continuous attempts at focus and progress have upped a tick, with the use of a visual aid: 
I found this at a school supply store, it is magnetic as well as being a white board and came with two types of hangers and some easel thingies so it can stand up.  I'm happy to report that, yes, I did indeed finish all the goals for August.  They only slightly spilled over into September as I finished the backing to Cocoa Baskets on Saturday.  Still need to choose September goals.
  • Baby Spam!
This is a photo from last month, when the quilt Mimi made grandson Hunter was at the County Fair (it got a 2nd place!) so he was posed on a different quilt for his monthly update.  Hunter is now 6 months old; a happy, smiley little one and more mellow than his very active older brother. We love them so!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Baby Spam - what a fun combination of words! He's such a cutie!

I use a visual aid too - a bulletin board with push pins and small pieces of index card for each project
Four stages - Gestation, WIP, Quilting, Finishing. The goal is to keep moving things from left to right . . . a few things have now worked their way off the board entirely which is GOOD!

Janet O. said...

Love the baby spam. : )
Name for that quilt--how about "Mystery Solved"? But then there are an awful lot of mystery quilts out there that could use that name. The white board is a good idea. I wish I had somewhere to put one in my sewing room. I actually have used the one on the side of the fridge for quilting things now and then (my sewing room is just off the kitchen), but it isn't really handy.
I understand the issues with aging parents. That is going on with our parents as well!

barbara woods bewtjw@gmail.com said...

cute baby, we are expecting two new g-g's by Christmas or a little later

Unknown said...

love all the pictures, especially the baby spam. You can tell those two are brothers, certainly look alike. Take care with your MIL, we also dealing with that here in Colorado. Sharon

Tanya said...

What a wide range of life you are seeing...from 6 months to 97 years! You are allowed to be busy!

Kate said...

I've been way behind on blog reading. Congrats on the second place ribbon on the baby quilt. Hunter looks like a really happy kid. Has it really already been 6 months? Boy time just flies, especially when you are busy!