Monday, October 24, 2016

Design Wall Monday 10/24/16

On my design surface is the Starcrossed quilt (pattern by Corey Yoder in APQ mag April 2016) I've been working on for DD Erica.    All the pieces are now cut for the two different blocks I'm making, 10 of each, and subsections ready to go.

The plum print on the lower left is a shot cotton in plum and black with a gold ginkgo print.  Unfortunately I don't recall the maker, and my local fabric store doesn't have point-of-sale info on their receipts.  Next trip I'll check the bolt!

Photographing purples is sure a challenge, especially at night!  The leaves are not large but the spray is so pretty.  I love ginkgo trees and leaves, and we have quite a few in our neighborhood. 
This closeup shows the shot cotton base in the 4.5" square I cut for a feature block. 

Unpicking of the inner corner chain was necessary to add the ginkgo print for this cross block; it is kind of a signature thing I often do, one block different as the "heart" of  my quilts.  I'll be happily piecing and pressing away on these big blocks for the next week when I have time. 

Last week our MQG had a sew-in for philanthropy.  I'm so glad my suggestion to have weeknight sew-ins has worked out--the Masonic Lodge building manager is very generous in letting us come in when the room is not being used for one of their events.  We worked on assembling some donated blocks and I had help from two members in marking and sewing pieces for houndstooth block kits I had cut from fabric purchased by the board.  

The Guild president picked this blue and gray and I think it looks great so far.  All the pieced blocks got made and I managed to get a few squared up to demonstrate the layout.  For the guild blocks, I started with 10" and 5" squares for the pieced blocks so precuts could be used.  The solid alternate block is 9.5".  It is really simple construction and there are so many ways to change it up.  I have another kit to sew up as well before handing off to another guild member at the next sew-in in a few weeks. 

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A Quilting Chick said...

Oh my! That fabric is going to make the quilt just shimmer. I love the block you're using! Just fantastic.

carol fun said...

Starcrossed will be stunning... love that ginko fabric too! Hope you get some sewing time in this week!

Janet O. said...

That ginkgo fabric is gorgeous!
I know it is a houndstooth pattern, but I still think it looks like little leaping frogs. : )

Janet said...

Always enjoy reading your blog updates and seeing what you are working on 😊

Janet said...

Always enjoy reading your blog updates and seeing what you are working on 😊

Kaja said...

I like the idea of adding one special fabric in to the centre of your quilt, and the gingko looks to fit the bill well.

Pam said...

The plum print is beautiful. This will be such a beautiful unique quilt!

Kate said...

The Ginkgo print is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing this one come together.