Sunday, October 16, 2016

Speeding By

Time is the thing that is speeding by--here it is already mid October.  Glad this is a long month! 

 I waited until the first day of Fall before setting out any decorations.  These pumpkins made from an APQ magazine pattern so many years ago still make me happy. 

I love decorating this shelf at the end of my kitchen cupboard as I have no wall space at all.  I ran right out when the Pioneer Woman's new line debuted recently to get the measuring cup set, though I see by the reviews I just looked up that I may have gotten gypped out of the measuring bowls supposedly included in a set.  Hmm, will have to check my receipt.

Finished piecing the Geese quilt top a couple of weeks ago.  I'd like to use stash for the backing and am pondering a quilting plan.  I adore how Rita of Red Pepper Quilts always does a lot of ditch stitching and I'm thinking that would be a good way to go. 

Our guild is working on charity quilts and I am making up a couple of kits of houndstooth blocks.  These will start from 10" and 5" squares so are easy to cut and piece from precuts if desired.  We'll have a sew-in soon and I'll need to get some more cutting done.  I've been re-elected to be Secretary next year and my sister Kathy and another member will be sharing the communications job.  It's been a bit of a rough year for our little guild but we're planning more fun activities to get members more involved.  Here's a picture of our Opportunity Quilt--Kathy and I sold tickets at a local show recently and it was very well received.  

Modern take on a Sawtooth Star block.  I ended up making about 7 blocks total for this quilt, which  we will give to the winner drawn next February.  We're already encouraging members to start on ideas for the next Opportunity Quilt. Now off to bed, tomorrow's going to be very busy at work with three hospital follow ups and three physicals scheduled in the morning alone! 


Lorraine said...

Love the geese quilt! ...and the sawtooth star quilt is pretty cool! Hope your quilt group gets revitalised! Sounds like you have a busy week ahead! Take it easy! x

Mary said...

I love your geese quilt! I hope your busy day goes smoothly.

Janet O. said...

That is a timeless little pumpkin quilt. : )
I think ditch stitching is always a good place to start, and sometimes when it is finished I see that it is all the quilt needs.
I'll bet those stars were a challenge to lay out and sew together, with such a variety of sizes. I like the way the grey and white backgrounds are sprinkled a little within each other.

Kate said...

Very pretty decorations, I like those pumpkins. The Geese quilt turned out beautifully, as did your opportunity quilt. Hope you can fit in some more sewing time with your busy schedule.