Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday's Orts--Road to California Edition

Tuesday's Orts:  Bits and pieces of thoughts and events that land here occasionally.  This one is about a trip to the Road to California Quilt Show in Ontario.
  • My sister Kathy is an information junkie and not afraid to ask for perks.  While I drove, Kathy joined the rewards program to the Four Points Sheraton I booked so she could ask for upgrades as soon as we arrived. It worked. Here's our view from the larger room we got along with late checkout:
Mount Baldy, San Gabriel Mountains
  •  We joined some fellow guild members at the Ontario Museum of Art on Friday where another member had a curated show of modern quilts based on traditional designs.  It was great fun and several us met for dinner afterward.  I neglected to get a single photo as I was enjoying it too much!
  • Saturday we spent at Road--it was very crowded early but we took a midday break at the hotel to check out and have lunch and by then the crowds had thinned some. 
The exhibit of mini quilts made from the 2016 Kona color of the year, Highlight, was fun.  Here's  Jacquie Gering of the MQG demonstrating some of her precise walking foot work on improv piecing.

As usual, my attention was split between traditional and modern.  Here's a beautiful large traditional applique quilt I loved:

I had a small gripe about misspellings and editing errors in some of the description cards--but that's because I spell for a living.
Favorite Art quilt
  • Kathy and I wandered around til closing at 6 pm and shopped and shopped.  Kathy was proactive all day asking for donations for our guild and many were generous, including the Steady Betty booth.  Late in the afternoon at one booth when the owner heard me say "Tri-Recs", she then demoed her trimming tool.  Kathy loves gadgets and was a very entertaining student while the owner coached her through the process.  We both came home with the V Block trimming tool.    I also found not one but two Hera marking tools, some Essex Linen in gray, and a very pretty wide backing for a quilt I want to send out.

  •  Traffic Rant:  Despite posted Freeway signs all along our route through LA saying "Slow Down and Save a Life", there was no shortage of drivers veering across multiple lanes at 80-85 mph weaving in and out of "slow" drivers going 70-75.  Sheesh.  Fortunately we made it home safely and before all the heavy rain began.  We'll be back for Road 2018!


Lindah said...

How neat to enjoy the show with a quilting sister!

Dawn said...

When I think of Road, I always remember the year we met up there. Glad you enjoy the show.
Lots of fun quilt outings - fun with friends is always better to stay in the moment than worry about photos.
Thanks for sharing!

priscilla said...

Welcome to LA where the drivers are insane !! Looks like a great show..

Kate said...

Looks like you had a great time.