Slow Sunday Stitching

Keeping needle and thread handy at the dining room table means I took a few stitches multiple days during my lunch break.  Today I completed the "stamp" edge outline during some Slow Sunday Stitching.  This Lizzie Kate cross-stitch's details are filling in--now there are birdie feet and a tree branch added today too. 

This week's lunch stitching should complete this little project as the leaf and birdie details won't take long, and after I add the month name in the bottom the fill-in will be fairly mindless.  I'll try not to jump ahead in thinking of What To Stitch Next, though I have in mind to make a black-work monogram initial for my younger grandson's Hunter's room. His older brother Cove has this Fox that I stitched for his room when he was born:

Hunter, who turned one several weeks ago, is now taking a few steps.  I visited those precious boys on Friday and Hunter took a bunch of steps to get to me--his Mama said it was the best he had walked yet!  Loved that.  Then we all played in the backyard for awhile and I chased Cove around, and hefted Hunter on the slide and swing.  My arms sure were sore later.  Here's Hunter ready for the beach on a recent warm day.

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Maker Joy said…
Your fox embroidery is adorable!

I'm glad to hear that someone else is the same way. When I get on a roll with a stitching project and can imagine the finish-line, my mind starts jumping around to the next one.
Miaismine said…
Your projects are almost as cute as your son! He's a real cutie!
Miaismine said…
Ooops! Sorry! Your grandson! Just read your bio! He's so cute, though! Love that smile!
Denise :) said…
Isn't he a darling?! Oh gracious, you must melt every time he smiles at you! Love your stitcheries ... but I have to admit, I'm very partial to that fox! :)
Mary said…
Your cross stitch project is coming along beautifully. What a great portable project.
Quilter Kathy said…
The fox is a great little stitchery! ENjoy!
Sarah said…
Nice projects, but I'm like you....near the finish line and I'm thinking about the next project! Oh so cute grand baby!
Kate said…
It's amazing how fast you can finish something with just a bit done each day. Hunter is such a cutie. How is it that they grow up so fast?

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