Monday, April 10, 2017

Design Wall Monday--V blocks and Flower blocks

This month is going by too quickly, though I did slow it down by getting a head cold that made me dizzy and required a lot of rest on Friday and Saturday.  Some stitching did get done, including finishing a cross-stitch (see last post) and making a bunch of Tri-Recs for the Humble Quilts Doll Quilt Swap project.

At the Road to California show I purchased a V-block Trimmer by Deb Tucker, which I used to construct these 2.5" finished triangle-rectangles all exactly alike by making them slightly oversized and then trimming down.  The same tool is used to cut the necessary pieces and then trim after sewing.  I love that!  In playing with the layout, the center row just wanted to be all light backgrounds. 

The center row also wanted to point the opposite direction--I didn't argue!  My intention was to use the red striped fabric in the center and the brown on the edges, but it didn't look great to me.  

I like this much better.  A dark binding of some sort will finish it off.  

Also under the sewing needle were some improv flower blocks for the guild's next Opportunity Quilt, based on a tutorial at  of her Impracticality quilt.

 They were supposed to be monochromatic but this one refused. 

The red one pretty much behaved itself.   Nothing like working on totally disparate projects!

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Janet said...

Really like the way you arranged the doll quilt blocks..Very nice 😊

julieQ said...

I love those fun v-blocks! Great fun!!

Ramona said...

Your swap quilt is wonderful! I just bought the Accuquilt die for that block and could use some of repro fabrics I have to make a similar, but larger quilt. The flower blocks are so fun, too!

Louise said...

Fun variety of things on your design wall! It's nice to have the freedom to switch things up, isn't it?

Janet O. said...

I have a Deb Tucker ruler for flying gees (Wing Clipper?) and I really like it. Hadn't heard of this one.
Yes, VERY different projects you have going here, but I like them both. : )

Preeti said...

Love the flower blocks. They are scrappy and liberating. But your triangle blocks - well that is a completely different story. I am jealous of your neat and accurate points :-)

Pam said...

Did getting sick make the time go more slowly? As I get older, the days fly away like slices off a loaf of bread. My husband says the secret is to be bored as time always drags when you are bored. But that hardly seems worth it! I love your v blocks- I have a lot of that nice reproduction fabric. Nice mix of fabrics.

Ariane said...

Your blocks look great!!

Kate said...

Love the V blocks! The improv flowers are fun too. Sorry about the head cold, hopefully you are feeling much better now.