Saturday, April 15, 2017

Playing with Squares

Work in the sewing room continues.  To paraphrase a character from Game of Thrones, "That's what I do, I sew, and I play with squares."  First up, triangle squares; the doll quilt top is finished. Also the backing, but I didn't take a photo yet.  

Pardon my feline assistant's plaything, she was taking a break.  Some machine and hand quilting will finish this off.  I even incorporated a label into the backing, yay me. 

For the past two years my leader-enders have been 4 patches made into square in squares.  I have made hundreds from my scrap bins.

These were inspired by the Go Four It sew along challenge from APQ magazine, April 2015.  I was taken by the "scrappy everything" fabric mix of Edyta Sitar's design but not her teeny tiny pieces, which didn't work with my precut system--the smallest size I cut is 1.5".  So I upsized her design to use my precuts, thrilled to have a place to use all the smaller strips and squares at last. My square in squares finish at 3.5". I recently spent an evening drawing up an alternate setting, after noting that I had made many more light than medium/dark squares.  I played with that layout today:

My beige carpet notwithstanding, I like the diagonal chains the lights and dark blocks create; I'd probably use a solid or tone on tone color for the background, and sew up the squares in diagonal rows to avoid the bazillion setting triangles making blocks requires.  Love all the scrappiness! 

Then I laid out the squares as Edyta designed:

More complex and rich braided look, which I love.  But this layout uses fewer lights, and I have a lot more of those.  What about this?

Edyta used columns of a print banded with narrow borders between her braids but I haven't decided if I would set this layout block to block. It would depend on number and length of the chains I could get from my squares, obviously.  So I will sew, and play with squares, that's what I do.


Janet O. said...

Nice little doll quilt. I like the way you have the center backgrounds uniformly light, but the outer rows are a mix.
What a bunch of bitty blocks! However you decide to lay out those little square-in-a-square blocks, it will be a delicious scrap concoction!

loulee said...

Cute dolly quilt.
I'm sure what ever design you settle on, your square in squares will end up looking wonderful. They already look fantastic.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Love your doll quilt! What if - you used Edyta's design but switched the lights and darks? It should use fewer darks and still maintain the complex rich braided look that you love - ;))

Barb said...

Can't wait to see it finished....the world is your oyster.....any way will be fabulous.

Maker Joy said...

The braid looks wonderful. And, hey, you could always make a bigger quilt to use more of those lights. :)

Tanya said...

What fun with all your leaders/Enders! I have those sewn pairs too but never get around to doing anything with them. You are so good to be sewing!