Stitching and Sizing

Despite previous prediction, my current cross-stitch project did not get finished this week.  However, progress was made on the Lizzie Kate May Stamp.
All that's left are the little birdies--I saved them for last since they are my favorite, and will spend some time doing so today.  There is also some button detail to sew onto the birdhouse.  The stitched area is about 3.5".  I love it.  Linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching.

Judy of Patchwork Times drew the next UFO project we will work on, #1, which on my list is the Medallion Star Rescue.  It has been waiting for a finish for about 30 years, but I only participated in the last 5 or so, as this top was given to me.  
I added the pieced borders after cutting off a lot of the background blue ditsy (from 1987!), making the top about 45 x 70.  It was surprisingly difficult to find prints in the berry color to match the star.  I used two different ones to create my border.

I'm cobbling together a backing from the leftovers and a couple of additions from stash.  So that's the start of this UFO.  Since I didn't manage to get the quilting done on a couple of previous picks, it looks like I'll be busy doing a lot of that this month!


loulee said…
That star is lovely. I like the addition of the borders.
Denise :) said…
Wow, Annie, what a great lovely top -- I'm glad it was chosen for this month's finish -- can't wait to see what you do with it! Your May cross stitch is sweet, too! We just found four eggs in the little nest the wrens have built in the bird house just off our porch...that's what it reminds me of! :)
Mary said…
Life does have a way of interrupting progress on the things we want to do, doesn't it? Your little cross stitch piece is precious.
Janet O. said…
That tiny cross-stitch is so cute. I am curious to see the finishing details.
You made a nice quilt out of that big star. I really like what you did for borders. It is surprising when trying to match older fabrics, how dated certain colors are, even when you don't think they look dated. I have struggled to match colors when finishing older projects. But I love a challenge. : )
You did a great job!
Kate said…
Hope you got in lots of slow stitching time over the weekend. You've done a great job reviving that UFO. Good luck with your UFO goal for the month.

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