Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bonnie Hunter My Blue Heaven Workshop

Scrappy quilts are my favorite and Bonnie Hunter is a prolific scrap quilter.  Hers was the first quilt blog I ever learned about and I became a fan immediately of her scrap user system.  I had never heard of leader-enders until I visited her blog, and use them often now.  Bonnie is a generous teacher and has lots of free patterns, tips, and hints on her Quiltville website.

Although I am not a member of the closest local traditional guild, primarily because their meetings are on a weekday morning that I could never attend, I learned through dual members of my modern guild that  Bonnie Hunter was presenting a workshop of her My Blue Heaven quilt.  This date had been two years' wait!  Luckily after a number of emails and text messages to two different ladies, I was able to secure an open spot and took the day off work.  

Blue is a color that seldom shows up in my quilts so I substituted greens and purples to make a three color version I'll call My Lupine Heaven

 Lots and lots of greens and neutrals from stash got cut up into 2.5" strips.

Purples were purchased during the Shop Hop to add to the small amount in the stash.  Cutting, cutting, cutting late into the night., using my GO cutter strip die.  I was fortunate to have a set of never-before-opened Companion Angle and Easy Angle rulers which Bonnie recommended in the class supply list.  Assembling a kit of cutting tools, mat, sewing supplies, machine and cords and doublechecking everything had me amped up the night before such that I found myself sorting mail at 1:30 a.m. just to simmer down.  The drive next morning to the meeting place seemed to take forever, but I managed to arrive relatively early.

After getting set up and greeting some folks I knew, I was approached by a lovely lady who introduced herself as a reader of my blog. I was so surprised and pleased, and thought it sweet of her to say so. Thank you, Maile!

Bonnie had us playing in our scraps before too long and machines were humming.  She used my fabrics for one of the demos, and in between demos to two large groups she was everywhere, providing individual instruction, praise, and talking about her new Essential Triangle tool and selling her books.  
Here's my Lupine purples in the alternate block. 

After lunch there was some show and share of many "Bonnie" quilts and I shared my supersized Rick Rack Nines quilt top.  Later I showed Bonnie my Grandma's oldest UFO finish, a yo-yo quilt she started in 1934 and had her church quilt group tie to a backing in 1997.  Bonnie was pleased to know I use and display this quilt coverlet. 

Here are the two complete blocks I managed to finish, though I have pieces and parts for a dozen more, primarily due to using cut parts for leader-enders.  The Companion Angle and Easy Angle rulers got a workout, and I purchased Bonnie's Essential Triangle Ruler and her book, More Adventures with Leader Enders.  

It was wonderful to spend the day with fellow scrap quilt enthusiasts and learn tricks and tips from an expert.  Bonnie took lots of photos and had two slide shows here and here for the Camarillo Guild as she did a trunk show the next day.  My blocks--and my back while seated at my machine!--made one slide show.  The Rick Rack Nines quilt share is in the other.  I'm hoping Grandma's yo-yo coverlet will one day appear as the background to one of Bonnie's Quiltville Quotes!   I'm sure to continue playing in the scraps for many years to come and hope someday to take another Bonnie workshop. 


Kathy S. said...

I met Bonnie Hunter for the first time this spring. My quilt guild booked her FIVE years in advance (when she used to do that). I was totally inspired. My piecing is now better than ever. What a great experience. I love quilting even more now. Good luck on finishing your gorgeous scrap quilt!

Dlindgren said...

She will be coming to Bakersfield next April 2018, Cotton Patch Quilters of Kern County. Check our website or Facebook.

carol fun said...

I think my guild had to book her about 2.5 years out for the program/workshops we did last year... I enjoyed my day with Bonnie to get my quilt top done. I was able to share several of the quilts I made from Bonnie's patterns... she is an inspiration. I love your choice of colors for your quilt... it will look smashing!

Karen said...

Bonnie's website "Quiltville" is the first online quilting site that I visited. I can't remember it being a blog with posts at first but maybe it was. I just remember all the free patterns.

Janet said...

You really had a wonderful day...thanks for sharing all the fun with your blog readers 😊

Janet O. said...

I do love your color palette. It will make a great quilt!
And I am glad you got a chance to meet up with Bonnie. I will be in two of her workshops next month. Her blog was the first I followed, as well.
I need to go check out the links now.

Lorraine said...

What a fabulous day! Lots of inspiration....thanks for sharing!

Tanya said...

How exciting for you to get to attend one of Bonnie's workshops! She was one of the first quilt bloggers I ever visited too and I always use her Scrap Users System. Still... those scraps keep multiplying!

Judy D in WA said...

I think our group booked her 3 years in advance for retreats. It was worth the wait. She was the first online quilter I found and knew right away I had met my quilter person. We had so much in common, scrappy, vintage machines, recycling clothes to quilts. One of my first "online friends" that became an inperson friend. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! Love your blocks and colors, can't wait to see your quilt.