Monday, June 19, 2017

Design Wall Monday--Cross Reference

Hope you all had a lovely Father's Day. We had two family celebrations yesterday, breakfast at our house and BBQ dinner at my mom and dad's,  and boy am I pooped today.  Also feeling more than ever that my appetite is on a "gone wild" romp that needs stomping down, and how!

Anyway, on my design floor today is Cross Reference, a quilt from APQ April 2017 magazine that I'm making as a couch quilt for my son.  While he was off exploring beautiful Yosemite with his girlfriend, blocks were appearing under my sewing machine needle. 

 Although I took this baggie to the Bonnie Hunter workshop, most of the leader-endering was done with parts for the My Blue Heaven quilt.  

Here's a bunch of block centers.  I'm liking the color combo so far and plan to complete all of these blocks before adding repeats of the blue prints for the remaining blocks I need for my scaled down quilt.  I'm finding I have to sliver trim these to size, which is fussy and boring but necessary.  The next step has a lot of HSTs --tiny ones--to make an on point design.  Since I purchased Bonnie Hunter's new Essential Triangle Tool, I'm going to try cutting the quarter square triangles from strips, as she demonstrated during the workshop.  That saves having to cut larger squares and slice them twice, then cut off all the dog ears.  I just need to work out the MATH!

I forgot to post this photo taken at the workshop, Bonnie taking pics of Bonnie quilts, lol.  I think this quilt is one from her free patterns.

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