Monday, July 17, 2017

Design Wall Monday--Yep, more of the same

On my Design Floor are the last five Cross Reference blocks for the sofa quilt for son Nick. This quilt pattern is labeled as "Beginner" by the magazine (APQ April 2017), but the simple shapes belie the complexity of sewing 31 pieces into a 9" finished block, combined with an on-point setting requiring setting triangles, plus three borders.  I would label this intermediate in difficulty.

I sure love the way these blocks look.  This was the only sewing I did all week, between three evenings out and babysitting the grandsons one afternoon.  I got thinking back to the first quilt I made Nick, finished in July 2009, and went rummaging through the photo files. 

He wanted only black, blue, and gray in his quilt.  These blocks only had 20 pieces--far less than the 31 pieces in his current quilt blocks, lol. 

Poor light and a bit blurry in the photo, but this 88x96" quilt turned out pretty well, I thought.  It was a pattern called The Big Easy, from an APQ publication, Quilts and More, Winter 2006.  I doubled the number of square-in-square blocks for my version and made it larger--Nick's criteria being that his hands wouldn't pass the edge of the quilt if he spreadeagled them, and he is about 6'4", so you can imagine his wingspread!

Also on my design floor is one block from Kim Diehl's Twilight Hopscotch quilt pattern that I plan to turn into a pillow for the County Fair.  I have less than a week to get everything done. Yikes. 

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Ramona said...

I love the blue/gray/black quilt you made for your son. It's so soothing and peaceful. Great design, too. Your Twilight Hopscotch block will make a great pillow. Good luck with your finish!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lots of pretties gracing your design floor. Twilight Hopscotch is a stunning, graphic pattern; your color choices make it glow. I really do love those Cross Reference blocks. I agree with your assessment of stated difficulty/skill levels though, such a subjective assignment, one never really knows, I rarely pay attention to those as they can be so deceptive. Your son's earlier quilt is a lovely classic.

Quilter Kathy said...

That's an awesome quilt!
Is it time for county fair deadlines already?!?!?

Laura said...

Beautiful piecing! You need to get off the computer and sew! :)

Louise said...

You're right, that isn't a beginner pattern! It sure looks great, though. And I really like the Twilight Hopscotch block. It must make a wonderful overall pattern when there are dozens of them in the quilt...

Kate said...

The new quilt looks pretty complicated. On point is always harder. Love the start you've got on your pillow. Good luck on getting everything finished up for the county fair.

Janet O. said...

Oh, good luck with that timetable, Annie!!
Cross Reference looks SO good--and I agree that it does not look like a quilt for a beginner!
The first quilt you made your son is a great "guy" quilt. I'm sure your added square-in-a-square blocks add to the visual impact of it.
Really like Twilight Hopscotch. Do you recall which book it is in? I'm wondering if I have it.