Saturday, July 1, 2017

July is Here

Like everyone else, I'm wondering how June passed by so quickly.  We're trying to enjoy the last few days of our staycation.  We had a lovely breakfast out Friday with daughter Elaine and our grandsons and I remembered to take pictures.  

 Elaine and Cove (3).

 Hunter (16 months) cleaned his plate. Good boy!
He burned it off running outside on the "tarmac" play area of this restaurant at the airport. You can see his grin as he was running away from Mimi.  Always so fun to be with these darling grandsons.  I'll have a full day with them this week as their daycare is closed for vacation  and Mama's hours altered by the holiday.

Cross Reference blocks are just about done.  I limited the rust blocks to 8 and that means I'll need 5 more of the blues.  Must decide if I will repeat a couple prints or try to make them all different.  There are about three more choices in the stash and I can live with a couple of repeats :)   Meanwhile a trip to Superbuzzy for the solid fabric for the "B" blocks was successful.  I cut the cream and Kona Prussian Blue pieces today. 

This pretty blue color always draws me in.  I got stitching right away and have the pieced small squares all done in their rows.  Only 11 pieces in these blocks so they will sew up much faster than the 31 pieced ones.

Also in the sewing room today I hemmed some pants for my Dad.  The fabric was a heavier brushed twill so I decided to use my zipper foot to make it easier to get close to the folded edge, which I'd never thought of trying before.  

It was very effective and I will remember that for future machine stitched hems.  My Dad has a small blue companion, Bear, who often has adventures of his own, which I've chronicled from time to time.  I got this picture from Dad the other day:

It was titled "Bear looking for leftovers in the Chick-fil-A bag".  So silly :)  

Our staycation will be over tomorrow but we have had some nice times and got things done around here--not as much as our ambitious list but enough to make continuing tasks tolerable.  Mail sorting, paper purging, filing, and paring down "stuff" will always be on the list! 


Lorraine said...

Always fabulous to spend time with the little ones! A staycation is always a good chance to get some household jobs done and my list is always way longer than the time I have off! ....still....always good to tick a few things off the list! Love the tree in your previous post!

Lindah said...

Wonderful photos!

Val's Creative Life said...

Your grands are adorable and are at such fun ages. Stay-cations are the best!! Glad you enjoyed yours.

Janet O. said...

Those two little guys are way too cute!
Looking forward to seeing Cross Reference all put together!
I love the adventures of the bear. I wish I could find more in the bag sometimes, too--just one more fry, maybe?