Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekend Sewing

Saturday my sister and I attended the Moroccan Lantern class by Jen Carlton-Bailly (  Kathy chose to make the largest size Drunkard's path blocks at 6.5" while I chose the 3.5" size.  Jen's method included what she called "slop" in the templates, to allow for trimming to size after stitching.  It was a bit hard to wrap your head around the placement of colors at first, but fun to play with them! 

I webbed mine together while sewing to avoid turning the pieces out of order. The smaller size is really cute but definitely fussier to stitch.  Jen was a fun teacher and made many rounds of the room helping, chatting, and showing techniques.  I had no problems with the Essex Linen though several guild members expressed their prior difficulty with this type of fabric.  One thing about a darker background is the ability to use lighter prints without them getting lost in the background, which I enjoyed using from the charm pack of Wing and Leaf.

My finished block.  There is some incorrect trimming leading to non-matching points, but overall I enjoyed putting this together and will press on to complete more blocks.  I think a wall-hanging of 3-5 blocks would be fun and give me a chance to use lots more prints and colors.  My sister took Jen's other curved sewing class today, which included a lot of improv, and we will get to see her trunk show at our regular guild meeting Monday evening. 

Our guild has a challenge block monthly, which members are encouraged to donate for philanthropy quilts.  This month we went with our Fair Theme, "Rooted in Tradition".  I had pinned a block on our guild Pinterest board some time ago and had fun making this modernized Churn Dash block from a  tutorial at 42 Quilts for her Modern Monday series. 

I offset it when adding sashing to get it to the guild's desired 12.5" size, with the block being 6" finished.  So cute!  I had a lot of fun stitching this up.  There was also a lot of cutting in the sewing room today for the Cross Reference couch quilt for my son, still in progress.  More on that for tomorrow's Design Wall Monday. 


Mary said...

Sounds like it was a great class. I love it when instructors make a point of interacting with students. Love your block.

Kate said...

Love your Lantern block! The linen is a wonderful background. The chunky churn dash is pretty fun and funky. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend of stitching.